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Pre-Rolled Joints

1 for $5

3 for $14

10 for $45

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

High Grade Aid house special pre-rolls. Over half a gram of hybrid cannabis in each cone!
If a product arrives damaged, expired, or has a broken seal, you have 48 hours upon receiving the package to notify us. You may be asked further questions and/or for photos which will be evaluated by our product team. If your case is deemed suitable, HGA will either provide you with a store credit or a replacement for your product(s).


High Grade Aid house special pre-rolls. OVER A GRAM of hybrid cannabis in each cone! Almost double what they used to be!


  1. stephaniem (verified owner)

    Smoking one of these right now and I’m impressed. Even burn, nice taste, good all around hybrid buzz.

  2. Sophie A (verified owner)

    i’ve always loved hga pre rolls and they’ve somehow gotten even better! thanks for always being the best bang for the buck

  3. becky b (verified owner)

    Best smelling weed, I’ve ever smelled. It gave a good calm high, very relaxed.

  4. trickyt400 (verified owner)

    got two packs of 10 and i enjoyed them. ill get a couple packs every month. HGA is always on point with delivery and customer service.

  5. Steven M. (verified owner)

    These are perfect for when you’re planning to have a bunch of people over and just want some joints good to go for everyone. Very social high from these.

  6. Jason H (verified owner)

    I’ve loved the pre-rolls from before and these are bigger and better. Great value for the cash especially when you’re lazy like me and want to have a few pre-rolled ones to go.

  7. kenny c (verified owner)

    Wow.. Very impressive stuff! Starts off clear and cerebral, then progresses to a spacey, heady high with a body buzz.. Nice ride!

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Anxiety, Arthritis, Insomnia, Nausea, Pain Relief, Stress/PTSD


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