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Jack Herer Budder


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Budder is a highly concentrated cannabis extract with a creamy, buttery consistency. It is also sometimes called crumble or cake batter.
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Budder is a highly concentrated cannabis extract with a creamy, buttery consistency. It is also sometimes called crumble or cake batter. The consistency is comparable to a soft wax and is more forgiving to work with than shatter. Budder can be vaped, dabbed, twaxed (inside the joint or blunt), smoked, or used in edibles. Make sure to activate the wax prior to combining with your oil or butter. If you’re not sure whether to pledge your allegiance to sauce or to shatter, budder is a solid middle ground.

1g each


Jack Herer is a pure strain easily one of the best-known strains in America. Originating in California, this sativa honors the memory of Jack Herer the man, a longtime local cannabis activist and medical marijuana user. This strain is a pure sativa, with THC levels reaching up to 23%.

Although the exact genetic formula is a guarded secret, Jack Herer is thought to be the product of sativa staple Haze and a cross of Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. Sticky buds have an appealing orange-lemon scent and taste with just a hint of some dank pine.

The sativa high is happy, bubbly, and euphoric, spurring energy and creativity. Jack Herer is ideal for errands and other daytime activities.

This strain is effective for patients with mental or neurological disorders, including bipolar disorder, anxiety, migraines, PTSD, and ADHD. Dry mouth and red eyes are common, along with occasional dizziness and paranoia. Jack Herer is popular throughout the United States, but, like many other strains, it's most popular in the West.


  1. Jimmy H (verified owner)

    Jack Here Budder

    This Budder has a strong citrous flavour and excellent smell. I used a glass quartz banger to dab. The dab was very smooth and you taste more flavour as you exhale. The high can be described as clear and as strong as the dab itself; as a regular user I’d say it’s worth it and will buy again in the future. Couldn’t recommend enough to anyone wanting absolve pain for a few hours.

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Appetite, Depression, Insomnia, Pain Relief, Seizures, Stress/PTSD, Relaxation



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