House Shatter

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Product may melt and lose consistency due to hot weather during delivery. This will not affect the quality of the product. Please place in freezer for 20 minutes before consuming.


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  1. kwest (verified owner)

    Had the pink star and platinum purple shatters. Smooth, flavourful and both hit nice. Such a good price too…

  2. julien (verified owner)

    Terps werent crazy but the thc was there the buzz was strong. Great price great shatter goes I personnaly tryed the LIZ i’ll try the others eventually

  3. jsmith024 (verified owner)

    These were all great. Have been searching for a consistent shatter source and I’ll look no further. One stop shop here at HGA 🙂 high quality shatter, amazing price.

  4. dhaliwad (verified owner)

    Pink star – Stable and strong indica, definitely would buy again!
    Plat Purp Urk – Also good, less intense than the pink, taste is a bit smooth and less coughing. High is decent.

    Parchment paper on both of these need an upgrade to something thinner. I am moving my grams to different paper when I open them but still very worth it at the price. Both strains are actually pretty damn good =]

  5. phreeflo (verified owner)

    Got an assortment on the sale price to try these out. Really stable and hard shatter that actually does what it’s name implies. Not super strong flavors on these, but what terps remain are pleasant enough and the effects are quite potent. Not quite as clean on my banger as the house live resin was, but not a dirty vape either.

  6. MC1976 (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the Pink Star, great taste and good potency. Stable shatter too. A good product

  7. boredyetca (verified owner)

    Got Pink Star and it’s a lovely!

  8. joeyt (verified owner)

    Pink Star:
    This is the first shatter I’ve ever tried, and I’m really enjoying it! The flavour really surprised me, overall pretty pleasant! Sort of a tropical taste, a hint of coconut maybe? Feels like an indica-leaning hybrid, very much like Pink Kush. I really like the fact that this stuff essentially doesn’t leave residue behind on the coil, or at least very little that I can see so far.

    I will say that I don’t like the packaging though. This gram didn’t fuse to the parchment paper, but a lot of others I bought did.

    Sadly, this one fused to the parchment a bit. It’s got a bit of a fuzzy slightly opaque outer layer (tiny particles of torn up parchment filaments). Very thin, but it’s there. It also caused the shatter to explode when I opened the wax paper, since it was all stuck / fused. I was super careful opening it too, I mean SUPER slow. It just doesn’t take much to make a huge mess when it’s stuck like that. Thankfully I didn’t seem to loose any, but those little powdery bits burst out all over the place when it happened. Definitely not good paper for this application, at least it wasn’t in this case.

    I’ll be back to review the other cultivars I have, but other than the paper issue, I’m excited about this product, and HGA are awesome!

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