House of Glass (HOG) Distillate

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*HoG distillate is measured by weight (Grams), not volume (ml). Each syringe contains 0.8ml – 1.0ml, but the contents will weight 1 gram*

A pure THC distillate containing approximately 97% THC.

Comes in a 1ml high quality glass syringe designed for maximum flavour retention, non-degrading (unlike plastic syringes) and can be warmed up for maximum product removal!


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One of the safest ways to consume cannabis! Refill your cartridge for vaping, dab in your rig, add a little bit in your blunts or joints, or take a pea size drop orally.

Helps with insomnia, pain, inflammation, loss of appetite, stress, etc.

Lab tested 95% pure THC that comes in a high quality glass syringe designed for maximum flavour retention, non-degrading (unlike plastic containers) and can be warmed up for maximum product removal!

*HoG distillate is measured by weight (Grams), not volume (ml). Each syringe contains 0.8ml – 1.0ml, but the contents will weight 1 gram*

Reviews (20)


  1. richard (verified owner)

    Ordered, Skywalker OG. Not much taste, makes you sleepy. Good for night time use.

  2. stujkelly (verified owner)

    I bought the Lemon Haze flavour and there was a citrus smell and taste, but quite subtle still. Product worked very well when used to create vape liquid

  3. MC (verified owner)

    This is decent distillate. Very tasty. I prefer the raw but it was sold out when purchased so I went with the SLH. I would however like it to be a touch thicker. Good product at a great price point

  4. nathan (verified owner)

    I think something happened to the terpenes or something. It’s kind of harsh as well.

  5. addres (verified owner)

    Orange Creamsicle – strong orange flavour
    Orange Twist – faint orange flavour
    Lemon Haze – strong lemon flavour
    Skywalker OG – faint flavour, made me very sleepy
    Blueberry – slight berry flavour
    Banana Kush – slight banana flavour, harsh

    pretty good deal at the discounted sale price. somewhat runny and burn a bit faster than others I’ve tried. broke one syringe with too much pressure, so be careful. I personally liked the lemon/sativa and skywalker/indica the best. banana and blueberry made me cough a lot so were my least favorite.

  6. s.churchill (verified owner)

    Got the orange creamcicle and lemon haze and both are delicious any way I’ve tried it but the orange creamcicle one is really something different very terpy

  7. kristopher.mc23 (verified owner)

    My go to at this point. I think I’ve ordered over 10 of these and all of them have not disappointed. Banana Kush tastes almost like the penicillin liquid as kids. The Orange Creamsicle tastes just like the ice cream bar; delicious. HGA always on point with the suuuper fast shipping as well. Thanks again folks!!!

  8. matt (verified owner)

    Orange creamsicle tastes like orange creamsicle. Hga always on point with their fast delivery too

  9. matt (verified owner)

    Blueberry is good tastes like blueberry pie *thumbs up
    Very little Terp tingle which is good

  10. mariana (verified owner)

    amazing product for sure 10/10 shipping is super fast

  11. daisy (verified owner)

    Wow the shipping is second to none. Very fast 2 day shipping Excellent service too. Thanks cant wait to order some more.

  12. sweet (verified owner)

    First time trying this product. For half the price of my normal Cart….it does the trick. Transfer from syringe to cartridge was a breeze. Good to have as back up. Dreamsicle had a nice taste.

  13. kristopher (verified owner)

    Very nice flavour and consistency for sure!! Bought a few of them, but once I received my order, I knew I had to get a couple more. Skywalker has a great, clean taste and gets you lifted pretty quickly but also puts you in the couch. LH gets you lifted and keeps you there. Have not tried all but A++++ for HOG distillates and A++++++++ for the price. Thanks HG, much appreciated!!

  14. rozayau (verified owner)


  15. Wins (verified owner)

    Good for the price

  16. kaky (verified owner)

    I ordered the raw distillate and was very happy with the product. I was able to refill my cartridge relatively easy and the high was strong and clean. Would definitely recommend

  17. mari (verified owner)

    I love this I currently am trying it and I’m so happy I got this product I love ittttt gives a great high and tastes bomb

  18. mccormi (verified owner)

    This is a great product! Quality of the oil is really good, very thick, smooth and strong. Overall I’m really happy with it! The only thing is you do need a bit of additional hardware to cleanly refill your carts, but its well worth the hassle for the savings!

    I’ll leave a quick refill instruction for those who are new to refilling their distillate carts as it took me a bit of trial and error to get it right!

    First things first you will have to heat up the distillate, the new cart and needle. I put all the parts into a zip lock bag and into hot water for a bit, if the parts cool while refilling just use a hair dryer to bring the temperature back up. I strongly recommend getting needle heads to dispense the oil, find em at drugstores for like 30 cents each, they screw onto the syringe. I got 2 needle sizes 20 awg and 18 awg, the 20 was far too small and the 18 just got the distillate out when it was piping hot, so I’d recommend using an 18 awg or below for best results. Lastly this oil is stupid thick (what’s great) but since the cartridge you are refilling into has not been saturated previously be sure to properly prime the cart by dry pulling the cartridge at least 5 times, I found adding a little heat and pulling it through to work best.


  19. Sarah (verified owner)

    House of Glass distillate has been effective for my pain, stress, and nausea. It is super easy to get out of the syringe – if it gets stuck just give it a little heat and it will come right out. Ive used it in my dab rig, and refilled my vape pen with it as well. It has a smooth taste, and is very clean. You can’t beat the price and the fast shipping with HGA. Highly reccomend!

  20. maria

    Just ordered raw pure and I’m excited to try it always the best company to order off of for sure

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