House Live Resin ***60% OFF SALE ***


House Live Resin has gone through a CRC filtration.

  • Each container contain 1 gram
  • multiple delicious, potent flavours

“…this has a special place in my heart now…” –tanner

“Ohhh it smell so good and taste well i recommend it” –death

“The viridesco stuff has a higher diamond to terpene ratio but this stuff is cheaper and almost as strong.” –Cannaisseur42o

“Hands down the best live resin I’ve smoked in my entire life…Recommend to the highest extent” –jsmith024

“Very good smell and taste! A little bit goes a long way for sure. Give a big buzz but always very relaxed followed by munchies.” –manu

Some live resins may contain added natural terpenes and may be processed with CRC (Color Remediation Column). Please be aware before purchasing as there are no refunds. All sales final.


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House Live Resin has gone through a CRC filtration. Click here to learn more about CRC!


  1. celxste (verified owner)

    Had White Fire OG. Overall it had a sweet, almost floral taste. The high is decent, but most definitely worth the price. 8.5/10

  2. piotr (verified owner)

    White Fire OG wasn’t as good as the Wedding Cake but it sure hit the spot.

  3. Ridersfan (verified owner)

    Never tried live resin before until this , pleasantly surprised how strong it is . I add it on a joint and it’s so good !!

  4. tanner (verified owner)

    At this price point it’s the only choice. Kind selections is my preference but this has a special place in my heart now too.

  5. milton (verified owner)

    Really Enjoyed the Wedding Cake. Tasty and potent. Would buy again at the sale price.

  6. death (verified owner)

    Ohhh it smell so good and taste well i recommend it

  7. globetrotter125 (verified owner)

    Got the Wedding Cake to try this live resin and taste and consistency where on point and potency is there. Like other users did mentioned, I still prefer some other brand for now but this LR have some potential I have to admit, some might be better then others so I figure that the Wedding Cake was one of them.

    Thanks HGA.

  8. Cannaisseur42o (verified owner)

    Just vaped some of the alien cookies, its good but compared to the others that I have tried it is at the bottom with gorilla breath (which I finished and honestly enjoyed). The high is nice but it tastes like im vaping weed, when using concentrates I prefer an abundance of terps but this one didnt really smack me in the face like the pink kush, northern lights, or el jefe for example. Still satisfied with my purchase though

  9. Cannaisseur42o (verified owner)

    Im liking the mimosa, danky weed taste mixed with citrus, almost grapefruit type flavour. The diamonds are small but they are there, largest one I found was about 1/3rd the size of a grain of rice. The viridesco stuff has a higher diamond to terpene ratio but this stuff is cheaper and almost as strong

  10. Cannaisseur42o (verified owner)

    Have been using the wedding cake with the dynacoil for the past few days while fishing and it does the job+tastes great(a little minty)… also bought the skywalker and tried it. The high was more energetic and the taste more on the skunky side

  11. jsmith024 (verified owner)

    Hands down the best live resin I’ve smoked in my entire life . HGA always takes the cake !!! Recommend to the highest extent

  12. manu (verified owner)

    Purchased Northern Lights and wow!!! Very good smell and taste! A little bit goes a long way for sure. Give a big buzz but always very relaxed followed by munchies.

  13. dakota (verified owner)

    Got the Northern lights and this one to try and I didn’t expect such flavour. New to conectrates and these are some sweet and clean one’s to go with.

  14. jacob (verified owner)

    I don’t know how you can pass up a deal like this!! Picked up the Pink Kush, wedding cake, northern lights and death bubba, and both the pink and northern have absolutely insane Terp flavours. Very, very tasty stuff. Super pleased with this order and they all come packaged in little glass jars, top notch HGA! Will report back on the other strains, but imagine they’re all of similar quality based on other reviews. A must pick up!

    Q: 9 V: 10

  15. Birdman (verified owner)

    Northern Lights is probably my favorite terps but I see they restocked more strains. Worth trying all of them!

  16. Gexcobar (verified owner)

    Im really enjoying the El Jefe live resin. Potent and terpy ! Cant wait to try the other very soon !

  17. fox (verified owner)

    Jeffe was is my fave but I haven’t tried the new batch, will update after I do!

  18. richard (verified owner)

    I could smell the Bruce banner as soon as I opened the lid. Fruity aroma, and that passes on to the taste. Tried it with my nectar collector, and it was delicious. Creamy and sweet, reminding me of fruit punch. A few sips of this and a couple other resins and I was toasted. Also, Vancouver to Ontario in 19hrs, just WOW.

  19. thisispaulsgirl (verified owner)

    VERY impressed with these Live Resins! I ordered the Purple Crack and El Jefe. The Purple Crack is aptly named as it certainly is addictive… I hope it is restocked soon as the taste, flavour and get me up and bouncing sativa buzz as truly my fav ever at this point! The El Jefe was also yummy and potent! Both are clean and smooth in my vape and I’m absolutely adding a new flavour to try to my next order!

  20. MC (verified owner)

    Gorilla Breath

    Another lovely concentrate with the GB that has a very fruity nose. Tastes great in the vape and has the Gorilla Glue potency to match. Very clean, this is a great product. I do hope you guys talk to your supplier on these and consider switching to the shoulderless glass containers. They are the norm now almost everywhere Ive seen for FSEs so its a but surprising your LRs are coming in the plastic containers. Im sure you guys will get it figured out. Other than this small issue this stuff is amazing! Purchase with confidence!

  21. MC (verified owner)

    The Cheesecake is really nice. Very similar in texture to the other original 3. Smells is muted a bit for me but that may just because its meant to be a creamy sorta citrus nose to it? Its good either way and leans a touch indica as a hybrid effect for me. I cant wait to order and try the new flavors…lol

  22. joeyt (verified owner)

    Cheese Cake:
    I found this one to be a little more full bodied than the others. It comes with a bit of extra throat kick. This one actually had a bit of a sedative effect for me, whereas the others I’ve tried so far have not. It’s got some nice kick, dark cheddar orange in colour and ultra clean. – 5/5

    HGA is winning at this extract game right now haha! This is some of the most pleasant stuff I’ve ever come across in my entire life (their selection of Live Resin as a whole). I use for medicinal purposes, so the only thing I’m a tad worried about is price once the intro sale is gone. I’m a heavy user :S

  23. joeyt (verified owner)

    Purple Crack:
    This is some fantastic stuff! The flavour is wild, sweet and little bit of citrusy sourness, it actually reminds me of sweet tarts haha! Hate the name though. Let’s call it Sweet Tarts from now on shall we haha? Ultra clean, and pale in colour. – 6/5

  24. johnnyfive91 (verified owner)

    purple crack has very nice terps and a clear sativa buzz. I’ll be ordering more at this price !

  25. joeyt (verified owner)

    Gorilla Breath:
    Just wow! I don’t know how to describe the flavour honestly, but it’s great haha! I’m a huge fan of heavy, Kush-like indica, and I feel like this Gorilla Breath actually brings that cerebral element in a big way. I’ve had the most productive day in a long time. This is the ultimate medicinal extract. I absolutely love it. – I’m guessing it’s a parent, but the overall effect reminds me of Gorilla Glue #4, but with more of a Kush effect.

  26. fox (verified owner)

    The el Jeffe real nice n terpy, those are real good for the price

  27. fox (verified owner)

    Nice grape candy taste to purple crack, good high

  28. irish.1803 (verified owner)

    Good stuff for the price. Cheesecake tasted decent. Fast shipping as always. Nice budget option.

  29. abandoned (verified owner)

    I got the Cheesecake & Gorilla Breath. Both were impeccable quality, super smooth, full terpene flavors and hits hard. AMAZING

  30. john (verified owner)

    Gorilla Breath is super tasty and potent. Comes in a plastic container but for the price it’s not a big deal.

  31. MC (verified owner)

    For the El Hefe, I am again very pleased with the texture, color and smell of it. Nice gassy terps. Seems to be the perfect mixture of mini diamonds and terps! Like caviar. Nice and smooth on inhale and exhale with those Gas notes hitting perfectly. This stuff is a potent indica high that lasts. Beautiful stuff! Another winner HGA!!!

  32. MC (verified owner)

    The Purple Crack is sooo flavorful its hard to believe. Strong Grape terps with nice daytime potency to match. Very smooth and clean also. A real pleasure to vape. Thanks again HGA! You guys always bring the 🔥🔥🔥

  33. rick (verified owner)

    Purple crack is really good resin! It’s hard to go to flower when your smoking this! Still love bud!!

  34. rick (verified owner)

    Gorilla breath is what it’s all about. If you want fast high feeling then your going to love to try this. Awesome!

  35. rick (verified owner)

    Potent potent is what this is and I will be buying this again! Thanks for such good product!

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