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Always highly indica dominant, our house indica should provide a high that is heavy and relaxing, leaving the user calm and maybe a little sleepy.

The strain rotates periodically, meaning that it may be a little different with every order, but we promise it’ll always be something that toots your horn, rocks your boat, and shivers your timbers. Remember, what you get, is what you get, but judge no book by its cover; our House Strains are potent and powerful.

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Indica Dominant

Reviews (35)


  1. jsmith024 (verified owner)

    Can’t believe how much this stuff smelled like a cookie lol. Beautiful buds and awesome taste. Was a real pleasure to be able to smoke this flower

  2. wills (verified owner)

    This is nice, really nice, would pick it up again for sure. Smells great tastes great

  3. mariana

    clean burn and great high why more could you ask for

  4. rontu (verified owner)

    House Dosido:
    buds burned clean white. Back end was hot.
    Upper high, with a smooth come down.
    First nose from the bag was good, but buds lost their smell soon after, and afterword smelled grassy before busting.
    The bag came with at least 2 varieties of buds.
    1/2oz per week; wasn’t strong enough for me. But it burned white and that’s was important.
    Because of my tolerance, don’t think I would buy this again.

  5. kaky (verified owner)

    Was just sent a sample…. I love this stuff! So crystally and burns very well. Got me really high and I have a high tolerance. Great house Indica. These guys know what they are doing!

  6. mari

    I got this one as a sample and it was amazing I really enjoyed the taste and high From it

  7. Amaya (verified owner)

    This is my absolute favorite. It has an awesome price, great smell, amazing high, delightful taste and it’s always worth the buy.
    If you love weed this is the kind you have to try.

  8. jp (verified owner)

    I just smoked a doobie and I’m very impressed. I’m a connoisseur and lately I’ve been disappointed with buying online. I actually have 3 oz’s of weed that I just ordered from another online place and basically got crap sold as quads. HGA is my new go to now. I’ve ordered a couple times now and every time the weed was what was pictured and the quality was great as well. Only thing is it could be cheaper. This herb should be $150 a Z. But you get what you pay for lol
    Thanks and keep it up HGA

  9. jp (verified owner)

    I ordered this for first time and was very impressed. I am a connoisseur like most cronicsHGA is now my go to!

  10. rozay (verified owner)

    Very potent ..white ash ..good till the last nug 🙂

  11. Ro (verified owner)

    Taste – this is not bad at all for the price. Taste good, almost like a premium
    Smell – has a nice smell to it
    Potency – good smoke for the price
    Overall – this is a bang for your buck deal. Bag appeal is nice, frosty and purple, smell is good and the smoke is good. Def buy again

  12. bindon (verified owner)

    This is an awesome value…i have been ordering through here a while now disappointed i didnt try this sooner…the order i got had a nice spicey almost durban poison taste….real nice ,good effects certainly a re order

  13. kakylas (verified owner)

    Just ordered this recently. Great bud for a great price. Clean smoke and taste. Gave me a nice relaxed buzz. Comparable to even some of the quad strains!

  14. Amaya (verified owner)

    This strain is my absolute favorite. Great taste smell and effect. Strong high, the type to help you sleep

  15. jadkia (verified owner)

    Never disappointed with HGAs house indica. Great price, always a fantastic smoke. Always a part of my orders.

  16. karlwest007 (verified owner)

    Very good Indica for the price! Can’t wait to try more of HGA’s products.

  17. brett370 (verified owner)

    This is now my go to indica. Best indica I’ve tried yet, puts me right to sleep. It’s pretty strong too. You will not be disappointed with this product.

  18. sebastien (verified owner)

    Did an order of the last batch and this one and as everything here, it’s top quality. Don’t be fooled by the name but let’s keep this secret to be able to order more 🙂 Very potent Indica covered by trichs with a coffee/cake dough taste. It’s Chocolate Vanilla Lover… but with smaller nugs.

  19. bushfield85 (verified owner)

    After smoking a whole OZ of this I can tell you that it’s good down to the last joint. strong stone with couch lock peaks and nap inducing euphoria.

  20. nhhard

    The name fools you this house indica is one of the best strains 👍👍👍

  21. Daniele

    Wow i can’t believe how strong this is i got this for a sample and im impressed for its quality and price and the taste is great also

  22. sebastieng (verified owner)

    Wow, just wow. This is the best bang for the buck for sure. Great for rosin as the current batch is sticky, dense and covered of trichomes. Intense smell so I had to put it in an odor free bag. This house indica is taken care by great growers. Will absolutely reorder each time…

  23. bdavies743 (verified owner)

    I’ve left a review of this stuff before but had to leave another. Just got the best batch yet. Perfectly trimmed (almost zero leaf), super gassy. Broke up enough for two bowls, do not need the second. Slam dunk!

  24. julien (verified owner)

    Pretty good quality of flowers. Does the trick. Worth the buy

  25. hdtvnow2

    True to its name this amazing house blend hits like you’d expect from a indica and it’s a very wonderful flavor also, burns clean.

  26. huntley.b (verified owner)

    This is a go to for sure. Excellent value for the effects and overall quality. The typical Bubba Skunk flavour is not as strong as I’ve had in the past. The nose is lovely and it burns fairly clean. Longish buzz and has a sleepy effect in the evening after a a couple of doobs consumed through the afternoon. This is one of those all around well balanced varieties and this particular batch doesn’t disappoint. Thank you HGA! Keep em’ coming

  27. bdavies743 (verified owner)

    I have ordered this twice before and am ordering for a third time now! This stuff is great – would say if stacks up to a few of the triple/quad A strains I’ve purchased before. Another HGA home run!

  28. wolfyx2 (verified owner)

    Excellent!! Big Bang for your buck!!

  29. ekimnnam (verified owner)

    Very nice Indica. Dried and cured perfectly, burns slow, smooth and clean. Very nice body high had me happy and relaxed.

  30. Williamp (verified owner)

    Woah! This stuff is terrific

  31. Trinda R. (verified owner)

    This house indica is always a must have! It never disappoints. Great size buds everytime, to me I sometimes find its actually better then the quad strains!

  32. Jason H (verified owner)

    Great value for the money. This is a go-to that I always try to get on all my orders. Effects are great, taste is good and I would say the quality is consistently quite good for the price.

  33. paul

    Don’t knock it till you buy & try. Great that its always different never the same.

  34. kennyc (verified owner)

    Just tried this for the first time and I gotta say I was quite impressed. Long lasting couch-lock without taking you too far down the rabbit hole. Great for kicking off a YouTube marathon. I would recommend.

  35. Nicole M (verified owner)

    Of all the products I have tried from High Grade Aid, I am most impressed with the House Indica. When on sale, it is always my go to. For me, when I use it during the day, it helps with stress and anxiety and helps me focus. When I use it at night I can relax and zone out for a bit watching Netflix and playing on my phone and tablet and then finally to sleep as it helps with insomnia and getting a good night’s sleep. I recommend this strain to everyone. Because it’s “House” its not always going to be the same strain every time but every time I have ordered it is always excellent quality and I’ve never been disappointed.

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