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High Voltage Extracts (HVE) Cart

HVE is a small group dedicated to providing pure, potent medicinal extracts of unparalleled aroma and flavor. Their concentrates are made from flower grown on Vancouver Island and a small group are responsible for extractions, packaging and distribution. They are involved in every step in the path to providing unique, high quality live resins, sauces and cartridges; all made from live and fresh flowers.


Sour Amnesia Terp Cart – 1st Place Cartridge Karma Cup 2019

Romulan Terp Cart – 2nd Place Cartridge Karma Cup 2019

Romulan Sauce – 1st Place Indica Extract Grey Area Cup 2019

Sour Amnesia Sauce – 2nd Place Sativa Extract Grey Area Cup 2019

Peanut Butter Breath Sauce – 1st Place People’s Choice Grass Roots Craft Cup 2018

Space Queen Live Resin – 1st Place Live Resin Grass Roots Craft Cup 2018

Our blends do not contain any Vitamin E, Acetate, PG, VG, PEG, MCT, Coconut oil, or any other harmful ingredients.


Pairs perfectly with the High Voltage Extracts (HVE) Battery. Find it here.


  1. liam (verified owner)

    I usually get the BC carts but this time I decided to try HVE. I was extremely impressed with this stuff! Distillate tastes great, the Ccell coil is reliable, and I will defiantly be buying again!!!

  2. piotr_w (verified owner)

    I was impressed with this one, nice taste, decent duration, and puts you right to bed.

  3. globetrotter125 (verified owner)

    First time buying HVE carts and I admit that this is a honest product, taste like weed and not candy. The Ccell coil is so welcome with this nice juice from HVE 👌 I bought SOUR AMNESIA : Such a pure taste of weed like all the carts that I tried from HVE, Sour Amnesia is very on point as for taste and potency, and I am a well seasoned “smoker”. VIOLATOR is Violator, its hard hitting Indica and has a smooth taste just like the flower. TOM FORD PK is one of my favorite strain (PK) and this one was a disappointment as for taste, very faint, I had high expectations about the TFPK… But still its hard.
    On a final note the consistency is nice but I would also say that it burns faster than other carts I had before and on the same shelf as HVE.
    But still, very nice product here and the quality is present for sure. Just like the flowers, sometime they’re great and sometimes they’re meeh, different drop different characteristics.
    And the Price is Right so don’t think to much, it it! 😎

  4. lejagal (verified owner)

    I did enjoy it, good flavour and Good high. But burns much faster in comparaison to Buddha raw or full spectrum distillate, which i consider the best oil i had so far

  5. matthew (verified owner)

    Hands down the best carts I’ve used. Ortega is great for when I wake up in the middle of the night and cant fall back asleep on my own.

  6. plise85 (verified owner)

    I love the taste of these WAY better then most out there. Its the same as putting flower in a vaporizer, the clean nothing burning taste!! Durban Poison was good and Now I have Mimosa. It’s unreal the high I get from these compared to others. Its the in back of the eyeballs good feeling

  7. plise85 (verified owner)

    I love the taste of these WAY better then most out there. Its the same as putting flower in a vaporizer, the clean nothing burning taste!! Durban Poison was good and Now I have Mimosa. It’s unreal the high I get from these compared to others. Its the in back of the eyeballs feeling good.

  8. robotstone55 (verified owner)

    Blue Guava – First cart from HVE and I really like it. At 2.2 very nice tasting hits with a solid cerebral buzz after 3 tokes but I am a seasoned smoker. Only concern is how the description doesn’t identify it as Half and Half oils as HVE’s site does. Nevertheless HVpE uses the very sleek CCELL cart so the unique tip and overall lack of air bubbles after the night sesh is a good indicator 👍

  9. PlayboiGilbert (verified owner)

    HVE never dissapoints. Flavours are good and they hit hard!

  10. ak74mortgages (verified owner)

    These carts are fantastic, bought two of them. Great taste, clean high, great price

  11. graphixedge2005 (verified owner)

    First time trying these, way better than others I’ve tried. Potent and tasty!

  12. slugger23 (verified owner)

    Great carts, potent , tasty and a clog/leak-free design. Tried four or five and enjoyed them all.

  13. jroca87 (verified owner)

    Second time reviewing these (bought quite a few different strains so far)

    By far my favourite cartridge on here, I smoke these in my house where there is people who complain about “weed” smell… and I haven’t had one complaint with these yet, and I have some pretty big sessions.

  14. MC1976 (verified owner)

    Durban Poison – YUM!! What can I say here to describe how nice this cart is. I felt nice sativa effects immediately so I know this actually is strain specific. The taste in incredible with strong citrus notes but not overpowering like the food grade terp flavored distillate carts. Amazing product. Buy with confidence

  15. colemtomanik (verified owner)

    Tom Ford Pink Kush was a really great catridge. Really strong and great flavour.

  16. mohsin (verified owner)

    Top of the line! Just buy it. I bought 3 and I am going to make an oder of 5 more. My buddies love it.

  17. Lee (verified owner)

    Top of the line vape carts. These are the best. Five stars. I will get these again.

  18. tyauger (verified owner)

    Good quality carts!

  19. jroca87 (verified owner)

    I got the Tom Ford Pink Kush because it was the only pink in stock at my time of order and the other reviewer said it was good on here, anyways! It’s true! It’s good.

    My first cart from this brand and my new favourite, love the 50/50 mix! Taste and high. I get excited when I’m about to toke on this !

  20. kwest (verified owner)

    The tom ford was strong and satisfying. Fully flavoured, potent effects, and even better when on sale.

  21. steven (verified owner)

    Blue gelato was great! Great taste and solid high. I’ll be buying these again

  22. fox (verified owner)

    Blue guava nice and tangie

  23. jgzych (verified owner)

    By far best cart I’ve tried. so smooth and full of flavour. i love the design of the cartridge too

  24. boredyetca (verified owner)

    Blue Guava is insane! First time I tried Voltage and they have the tastiest of the vapes I’ve tried.

  25. malley (verified owner)

    These arnt marked anywhere that they are 50/50 htfse/distillate…

  26. mgmt (verified owner)

    I’ve tried numerous straits from this company, and I must say I will continue to buy! Romulan sauce is by far my favourite although the black afghan is second to none! definitely reccomend. smooth draw, instant high.

  27. mo (verified owner)

    HVE was recommended to me by a friend. i ordered the Romulan and i have to say, i was pleasantly surprised.
    1. Nice strong , heavy relaxing effect. took a few a minutes.
    2. Cart works smoothly and efficient.
    3. Taste was strong and lingers a bit. Not very enjoyable. but i am definitely going to order more and try some of the more fruitier flavors.
    Over all definitely in my top 3, if not top 2

  28. jot (verified owner)

    Best carts on the site hands down. The strawberry cough x nuken tastes so terpy. Very smooth pulls and hits you instantly. I will buy these a lot more now

  29. mariana

    Wedding cake . Wow it is amazing chest one I’ve tried so far

  30. doran (verified owner)

    Really nice clean carts. Romulan hits hard!

  31. russell (verified owner)

    Blue guava has a nice Sativa feel, good potency, was smooth at first, then got a little harsh towards the end of the cart. Overall 4/5

  32. stephanie (verified owner)

    Strawberry cough x nuken tastes so terpy, love it. These are currently my fave sauce carts for taste and potency.

  33. kal (verified owner)

    One of the strongest and tastiest carts I’ve tried. Definately a go to, and will be ordering regularly

  34. itsmr.russell (verified owner)

    Sour Amnesia is the best cart I’ve ever tried. Would definitely purchase again.

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