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Headstash Shatter Vancouver

Headstash / Shatter and Sap

Headstash is a Vancouver MMJ based company dedicated to providing quality, qualified, standardized and ethically produced MMJ product to patients.

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Headstash is a Vancouver MMJ based company dedicated to providing quality, qualified, standardized and ethically produced MMJ product to patients.

Try out their custom flavours, produced using an iron fist extractor w/ refined n-butane, purged in a cascade tech elite oven.
110 hour min purge < 500 ppm solvent residual


Strains info

CBD Indica - Harlequinn x Purple Indica, 80/20 Indica El Chupacabra - Rockstar Kush x Timewarp, 70/30 Indica Aka Toby - Mk Ultra x Hindu, 90/10 Indica Seawarp - 50/50 Hybrid Green Crack Kush - 80/20 Indica Sacred Comet - 90/10 Indica Vancity OG - OG x Pre 98 Bubba, 70/30 Indica Quantum Kush - Sweet Irish Kush x Timewreck, 75/25 Indica Lemon Glue - Gorilla Glue #4 x Lemon Haze, 60/40 Indica Reeferman Rockstar Kush - Afghani, 80/20 Indica    


Anxiety, Appetite, Arthritis, Insomnia, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Nausea, Pain Relief, Productivity, Seizures, Stress/PTSD, Depression, Creative, Inflammation

Reviews (7)


  1. Kali R (verified owner)

    Really good quality for the price. Not too sticky and easy to work with and prepare as needed. If you hold onto it or play with it in your fingers for too long it does start to stick a little bit, but not enough to cause any problems. Taste and potency are on point with every strain I’ve tried; excellent bang for buck.

  2. hdtvnow2

    Great shatter awesome dabs that get you nice and lifted.😎 and a great price

  3. irish.1803 (verified owner)

    Wasn’t a huge fan of this stuff. Not very potent and the taste wasn’t good either. I liked the House of Glass stuff a lot better. Would recommend HOG over Headstash after trying both of them. High Grade Aid shipping and customer service was great though!

  4. Jason H (verified owner)

    Green Crack Kush Sap – Very nice light colour, not at all sticky until you get a bit on your fingers and warms up to body temperature, then it’s like glue. In a wax pen, taste is very nice with some decent effects and not at all harsh. When actually dabbing it, this has me coughing like a fiend and effects are blasting me over the moon. A very nice concentrate indeed!

  5. paul (verified owner)

    Great taste and awesome high.Not so brittle like most shatter ,easy to work with

  6. jamiexm (verified owner)

    very nice light dark amber color. smells great with slight spice. Goes down smooth with a pleasant aftertaste.

  7. thomas97

    Was slightly darker than presented in picture but still dabbed clean and had a decent spicy taste.

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