Ganja Edibles – Ganja Leaf 500 – 1250mg THC


Ganja Edibles – Ganja Leaf

  • various potencies to choose from
  • several delicious flavours
  • lab tested
  • Content: 1 gummy

Product may melt and lose consistency due to hot weather during delivery. This will not affect the quality of the product. Please place in freezer for 20 minutes before consuming.

“Some of the best gummies I have had….The buzz was nice!” –milton

“These are the best edibles i have ever had…” – lejagal




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Ganja Edibles – Ganja Leaf

Product may melt and lose consistency due to hot weather during delivery. This will not affect the quality of the product. Please place in freezer for 20 minutes before consuming.

Lab Test

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  1. lguindi (verified owner)

    Kept it for about several months in the freezer , opened it . Tasted it. Taste like shit . Didn’t bother to finish as I thought it wasn’t edible at all. It was entirely gross. I was expecting to have a candy taste or weed taste at the most but really I had a chemical taste and I didn’t bother to dwelve deeper because I thought It could be potentially harmful. Have bought this a couple times won’t ever again

  2. celxste (verified owner)

    I had ordered the Watermelon 500mg and after opening it up to a refreshing watermelon scent, I had eaten the entire edible and the taste was very nice. It left a slight film in my mouth after swallowing. 9/10

  3. ambree (verified owner)

    Awesome price, potency and fast delivery as always

  4. sarah (verified owner)

    These guys pack a punch! We bought one and weighed it out, cut it up into equal parts of big doses and small doses and ate them accordingly. They were very potent and didn’t taste bad at all!

  5. QuadHunter (verified owner)

    These are great. My go to for edibles these days. Last a long time. Great price.

  6. G W (verified owner)

    Bought the 1000mg!! Off tf charts!! All I have to say is, be careful with these Gummys!! Super potent! I’m definitely purchasing them again!!!!!

  7. huntley (verified owner)

    Sour Watermelon. Wasn’t impressed with either the taste or texture. Not sour and it left a nasty film on my teeth for a half hour or so. I won’t be trying any other strengths or flavours.

  8. jesz (verified owner)

    I bought the 1250g blue raspberry. Nice flavour going down but very strong after taste and pasties. Still really enjoy this product and the punch it packs. I personally split this douse up and love the effects. Definitely buy again and great price.

  9. Frenchie (verified owner)

    I have tried the 500mg watermelon and 1250mg blue raspberry and damn did I forget what edibles can do lol. The 500mg was alright but I’m used to high doses which is why I prefer the 1250mg. Love the portions you can get from each leaf. I Don’t recommend ordering these in the summer and especially if you live in a warm area unless you want melted candy.

  10. _yeahmaybe (verified owner)

    Laughed when I saw the size of it… laughed even harder an hour later after I ate it as I could feel it kicking in… one more hour and I was wrecked. Mission accomplished. Def buying more of these. Great price, too. Had the 500mg Sour Watermelon. Didn’t taste bad either!

  11. abandoned-echoes (verified owner)

    Whoa these babies are strong! I’m now pretty pissed that the other shit I have been buying was lying on their potency. lol

    Small pieces…. no, smaller. TRUST ME. Though too much is still a great time

  12. milton (verified owner)

    Some of the best gummies I have had.
    Price is great. Dosages are even better and seem to be quite accurate. The buzz was nice!

  13. smilingeyes29 (verified owner)

    Everything that others have said about these Leafy little babies is 100% accurate, they are NOT for lightweights or the faint of heart! Potent AF!! (not the best tasting flavours mind you) probably because they are soo potent! I had to cut the 1250mg leaf into tiny slivers, so as to not overdo them. Even the 500mg one I chopped into 10- 50mg pieces, approximately. 😉

  14. julien (verified owner)

    I needed the hole thing du to high tolerance. I was high tho. Yup yup

  15. lejagal (verified owner)

    These are the best edibles i have ever had. I used to prepare my own since i couldn’t find anything in the market that’s strong enough for me. But these tiny peaces of heaven almost put me to tears. So convenient and discreet. After experimentation, i discovered what’s my daily tolerance/need. 150mg during the day, it relaxes me but I’m able to function. The afternoon,’ 200mg, gets me mellow. At night 300mg and that’s enough to give me a nice evening and at least 8 hours of sleep.

  16. phil (verified owner)

    Got the 1250 mg sour blueberry.

    One leaf from the side put me out until afternoon of the next day.

    Tread lightly…

    These are not for the faint of heart.


  17. everydaylovin (verified owner)

    Bought the 1250mg gummy.
    Super potent. Smaller than expected. Ate the whole thing and was high af. Giggling like the early days.
    But be warned it gave my the squirts

  18. Lee (verified owner)

    Great bang for the buck on these. High thc content.

  19. jenntter (verified owner)

    I love these babies!! I ordered like 9 last week, and ate 4 1000 ml sour cherries, I lost a couple days there, and loved it, the only thing that sucked, was coming down, and realizing I have no thc left! I don’t know y I kept eTing thrm, u can only get so high! But ya, I have a local store here in London, but it just isn’t as good as high grade!

  20. canuck883 (verified owner)

    This was my first time trying Ganja Edibles and was unsure due to bad experiences with edibles in the last. When I say bad experiences I’m talking about eating 500mg and feeling nothing, I have a high tolerance. I ordered the Blue Raspberry and Sour Blue Raspberry, both 1250mg. I cut my leaf into 4 pieces, so around 312mg give or take because I have no way to accurately measure the dose. They were a fun time and lead me into a relaxing, deep sleep. I was still high the next morning 😀

  21. manu (verified owner)

    We bought the blue raspberry, 1250mg. My wife and I cut it in half (thank god) Was very similar to one of the first times I took edibles, but this did not make me sleepy after time like most edibles do! If something was going on (a party) I would most likely take a whole one as I don’t drink, so be on the same level as everyone else. This is sometime I will definitely get again!

  22. shadapasternak (verified owner)

    These gummies are smaller than they seem, but as one of the most cost effective forms of consuming thc they pack quite a punch!

  23. rob (verified owner)

    Bam, got the 1000 , smaller than i thought but potent

  24. bdavies743 (verified owner)

    Super tasty and great buzz off the 500mg watermelon. Looking forward to trying the 1250mg when back in stock!

  25. budd (verified owner)

    Picked up the 1000 mg and cut it in half. I ate roughly half of that and ooof was I zooted. It felt like the first time I smoked weed and a bit more giggly lol I was nice and comfy for 4+ hours. I have taken 300 mg westcoast teddies from Mary’s and those did not hit me nearly as hard as this did(roughly 250mg). True to the dose, user beware lol.

  26. tcamp (verified owner)

    really strong and really small i love it. Will purchase again. Taste like weed. 3/5

  27. nie (verified owner)

    This is my favorite product on this site. I ordered the 1000mg last time and it is very powerful. I will continue to order this product when its available. 10/10

  28. mcree (verified owner)

    I had/still have some of the 1000mg black cherry leaf and all I can say is wow!! A little of this thing goes a long way. My wife is in bed passed out rn because she took a little too much and it was a piece the size of the bottom leaf, just a sliver. I took one of the side leafs last night and half the main leaf tonight and I’m flying again, same as ln. Great potency so beginners BEWARE!! There is a spice left in the throat for a few mins after eating that may be a bit uncomfortable for some but no worries, it subsides quickly and you’ll find it was worth it. I kind of enjoy the bite tbh, but that’s me. To each their own but we can probably ALL agree that these high mg Leafs are KILLER and HIGHLY Effective! Incredibly priced also, what a VALUE!! TY HGA!!

  29. mark (verified owner)

    I ordered the Ganja Leafs – Blue Raspberry 1250mg and ate the whole thing.
    I hope these are back in stock REALLY soon!
    Makes being stuck at home ALOT more enjoyable.
    It was very simular to a mushroom high, and made movie night a blast.
    Please keep in stock and thanks.

  30. mariana

    really good tasting and I love the shape it is so cute

  31. kaky (verified owner)

    I purchased the green leaf 750mg THC. Well I never expected it to come as a single leaf the size of a looney at most. I took small bites at a time. Flavour is good. Would have liked it to be bigger in order to not consume the whole thing at once.

  32. dac (verified owner)

    I will be honest, I expected this 250 mg edible to mash up my brain but it was a lot lighter of a buzz than I expected. The taste was great but I do not think I would order these again. Also, IMO, it seemed very “gelitiney” I would say. Could have been better executed.

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