Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies AAAA

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  • Hybrid Indica 65/35 Sativa

From Ethos Genetics, Forum Cut Cookies celebrates the classic qualities of GSC genetics


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From Ethos Genetics, Forum Cut Cookies celebrates the classic qualities of GSC genetics. Dense purple buds and covered in trichomes, while its flavor profile includes notes of earth, sandalwood, and fuel. This cut of cookies is potent with the same spacey cerebral and physical high that put the parent strain into the spotlight years ago.

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Hybrid, Indica Dominant



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  1. adam (verified owner)

    I have had damn near every kind cookie in existence, and upon recieving this I thought it was going to be up there with berner’s cookies but the only thing it lacked for me was the taste, and the other 3.5 of my quarter I orderer… I messaged them about it still no answer but it is the weekend. I bought a hq of live resin to this makes me wanna weigh that shit out to see it its on. But other than that one big solid bud that looks the exact same as the screen dense foxtailed buds scowered out every which way but it didnt have that dank sweet nutty weird hard too describe cookie taste in my opinion

  2. rowett (verified owner)

    Crazy bag appeal , some of the nicest bud I’ve smoked in a while

  3. cakesandcheese (verified owner)

    This might be some of the best looking bud on the site.. right up there with the Death chocolate mousse. I personally found it to not bet he most potent, but I did enjoy smoking it still not my favorite.. especially for a cookies strain.. usually HGA doesn’t mess up cookies… 6.5/10

  4. blakelyroyal (verified owner)

    Should be called spicy cookies. Found this one really grew to be one of my favs. Forum is king of cookies

  5. bdoige (verified owner)

    Lovely appearance. I mean 11/10 bag appeal. High quality grow, and hand crafted with love. No disappointments with this aspect. I am immensely picky and needy with my medication. Keep this in mind when reading this review.

    Sadly as a medical patient with PTSD, I need a strong effect. I also look for terpenes, as they have more effect on one than just cannabinoids alone. There was not much taste for me. Nose is mild. Included moisture pack for my 7g was only for 3.5g and was hard as a rock. No moisture in buds. Revived with proper sized Boveda. In about a week this brought back a lot of life to the buds. Still no flavour in a water pipe. Some mild flavour in my PAX.

    For a quad I am immensely disappointed. I won’t purchase this again. Amazing service from an amazing company, but this was just not for me!

    5/10 – for me.

  6. MC1976 (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful flower. Right away you can see its got a great structure with almost zero leaf and coated in crystal. It has a great doughy nose with nice gas notes. Love it!

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