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Flyte is now Keyy. Orders may contain either brands, but you’ll get the same great product and flavours. 

Thank you HGA customers for your patience and continued support. 

Replacement battery for the Flyte / Keyy pen. Flyte charger has a universal 510 thread and plugs into any USB port for quick and easy charging of your Flyte / Keyy Pen battery or other device.

Warning: The vapourizer coils of this pen heat up instantly. Holding the button down without drawing air through the tip first will result in a crackle sound, possibly a pop and then a metallic taste.

Instructions for use:

  1. Thread battery onto USB charger and plus into a USB port to charge
  2. When light on USB charger turns green, remove battery from charger and thread onto the Flyte / Keyy cartridge
  3. Place the tip of the cartridge to your lips and draw air through it 3 time.This ensures Flyte / Keyy oil will coat the ceramic coils inside. Not doing this prior to use will heat the coils dry and will result in a metallic taste. After coating coils, press the button on pen 3 times, until the light flashes. Draw air through cartridge while depressing button.
  4. Moderate your dose by the length of time you hold the button. The longer you hold the button the faster the oil will vapourize, so be mindful.
  5. Whenever the button is depressed, remember to draw air through the cartridge.
  6. Before putting the Flyte / Keyy pen in your product, press the button 3 times to turn it off
  7. Using Flyte / Keyy cartridges with other pen/battery devices OR other cartridges with Flyte / Keyy pen/batteries is not recommended.
Reviews (9)


  1. demetrios78 (verified owner)

    Best vape pen out there! Sleek and discreet

  2. rayhan774

    I like the size and finish of the pen. Silver looks and feels classy. Also the size is nice, as its not annoying or bulky to carry.

  3. duy_94

    Great product!
    Here’s my opinion on this one.
    Between my friends and myself, 3 of us use the Flyte pen and it’s so convenient and sleek! The battery life isnt that bad, went through 3 cartridges with one pen and still working. Somewhere around 3 cartridges the battery life was noticeably not holding its full charge anymore but that was expected. Not a problem, charges quick.

    When your pen is fully charged, the first couple hits will hit hard!!! Be careful! the last few hits won’t be as strong.

    And really follow the instruction. DO NOT use the pen with a different charger. My pen won’t even charge or hold battery life anymore cuz I used a different charger, bummer.

    Do I recommend it? Yes.
    Why am i writing this long review? bec im high. LOL

  4. taylor

    Love this product. It’s great that it’s compatible with other cartridges too.

  5. osiris888 (verified owner)

    Pen came with enough charge to use out of the package. Find it to be very useful and portable. Will be interested to see how it lasts over time. Very satisfied as of now!

  6. Jeremy C. (verified owner)

    sleek design and works with other cartridges

  7. stephaniem (verified owner)

    If you’re a heavy flyte user like myself, buying one of these is ideal so you can always have a fully charged pen ready to vape.

  8. Sophie A

    i’ve had a flyte pen for about a year and can’t complain except for it did get a little leaky but that was probably my fault. the most cost effective pen for the high concentration and delicious flavours. also one of the most discreet yet not cheap feeling pens i’ve used. i’ve gotten people hooked on these and will recommend to anyone!

  9. cole k (verified owner)

    Flyte pens will slowly stop working on you over time, but these are the best bang for your buck! Will order these every time!

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