Fleurs Herbal CBD Tea

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Three varieties: DOZE / WOKE / CLEAN / CHILL

Comes with 10 tea bags dosed at 7mg CBD each.

Non-psychoactive and no THC.


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Fleurs Organic CBD Tea 

Stressed? Tired? Overworked? Anxious?

With their three varieties of organic CBD teas, Fleurs has a solution for all the common ailments of the modern age. Each variety is a sophisticated, tasteful blend of organic herbs, selected to treat a specific range of symptoms. In addition to their 100% organic medicinal herbs, each pre-packaged bag of tea contains 7mg of CBD.

Fleurs has developed four distinct blends:

WOKE: This mate blend is designed to promote focus and improve memory. Using revitalizing herbs such as spearmint, lemongrass, yerba mate, and peppermint, WOKE will clear your head and provide a natural energy boost with no crash afterward.

CLEAN: Everyone could use a little detox every now and then, and that is exactly what CLEAN is intended to provide. This tea will support your liver after a weekend of partying or help cleanse your body of the toxins you pick up from processed foods or polluted air. Milk thistle, burdock root, orange peel, rooibos, and cinnamon are just some of the herbs that give this tea its soothing taste and rejuvenating effects.

DOZE: If you’re feeling stressed or having trouble sleeping, DOZE is for you. Chamomile, St. John’s Wort, lemongrass, passionflower, and hops are combined with additional herbs to create a natural sleep aid that will help you unwind and settle in for a good long snooze.

CHILL: Life is stressful – sometimes you need to just put on your sweatpants, steep a hot cup of tea, and CHILL. This blend uses a relaxing blend of Lavender, Damiana Leaf, Calendula, and Lemon Verbena to soothe, calm, and uplift.

PMS (new!): Modulate your hormones to support your cycle; Treat PMS symptoms leading up to your moon time; Relieve cramps and body pain; Build blood after menstruation. INGREDIENTS: Nettle leaf, raspberry leaf, oat straw, tulsi (holy basil), alfalfa leaf, rosehips, vitex berry (chaste tree), full-spectrum hemp

Heal (new!): This immunity-boosting tea will help you: Clear phlegm and open the lungs; Prevent seasonal colds and flu; Ease anxiety and relieve aches and pains. INGREDIENTS: Lemon balm, echinacea root, astragalus root, ginger, rosehips, elderberries, linden, elderflowers, yarrow, st john’s wort, lemon peel, white willow bark, goldenseal leaf, boneset, full-spectrum hemp

Each of these delicious blends includes 7mg of CBD, which adds the cannabinoid’s anti-inflammatory, anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety, and pain management effects to each variety. Bear in mind that CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning that you get all of these effects without a debilitating high, making Fleurs’ teas excellent for any time of day. Each unit contains ten teabags, pre-packaged for reliable dosage.

Fleurs teas are an exciting new product that combines ancient herbal remedies with the effects of cannabis.


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  1. daniel (verified owner)

    Bought the PMS tea for the wife and she seemed to enjoy the tea, taste similar to jasmine. The effects were calming and soothing. Would order again 🙂

  2. Steven M. (verified owner)

    I bought 1 of each “Doze” “Clean” “Wake” and each one is great.

    I got injured playing sports and hurt my foot. I tried advil, ice, Tylenol 3, etc… Nothing was helping.

    Steeped this tea (specifically the clean one) and the pain subsided within 10minutes of drinking it.

    The wake one has a nice little boost to wake you in morning. I used to be an energy drinker to wake me but caused stomach issues and now this helps with that.

    The doze one I found made you go into a very relaxed chill stage similar to the feeling indica gives but not the “high” which was nice.

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