Ethos 2:1 Full Plant Extract


  • comes in a 1mL glass syringe
  • Potent, Full spectrum cannabis oil
  • independently lab tested
  • created from Indica BC buds
  • may be used orally or smoked/inhaled

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Full Profile 2:1

A special blend of THC and CBD formulated specifically to be a mellower smoother stone which also  delivers a wonderful health benefit. A mixture of THC delta 9 distillate, full profile honey oil, and high grade CBD distillate, this blend has a very wide full cannabinoid profile of 92% as well as a spicy fun flavor.

We took 1 part full spectrum THC distillate, 1 part full spectrum CBD distillate, and 1 part sea warp honey oil and blended them together to create this delightful, effective, potent extract.  smoking CBD creates a feeling of calm and well being so its the perfect compliment to the strong high delivered by the cannabinoids in this profile.  The sea warp and the CBD together create a unique and pleasant taste that you’re sure to love. And, it does the body good! Please enjoy!

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