Diamond Concentrates Disposable Pen


Diamond Disposables:
– 1 Gram THC Distillate
– Organic Base
– Solvent Free
– No PG
– No VG

Earn up to 64 Points.

Diamond Disposables:
– 1 Gram THC Distillate
– Organic Base
– Solvent Free
– No PG
– No VG


  1. Maddy (verified owner)

    I got my first CBD pen disposable and I couldn’t be happier with this product. It hits well and feels great in your hands. The pen is high quality and very smooth and the blueberry flavour tastes so good. I would definitely recommend this to someone who needs help relaxing or with pain. I got it for my arthritis pain and it works wonders. I am very satisfied with this product.

  2. lotzca (verified owner)

    I tried Cherry and after this one i will try more

  3. mariana (verified owner)

    I love this product preferably love the blueberry flavour and the death bubba one best disposable pen I’ve tried

  4. mari (verified owner)

    this is my absolute fave pen ever its disposable but also you can refill it through the cap and you can even recharge

  5. mari (verified owner)

    obsesses I got blueberry and it wad fantastic for sure you can charge it refill it and it always works and looks great I had one fro about 6 months until dropped and cracked the glass chamber

  6. Sarah (verified owner)

    I ordered the ‘Gelato’ flavour. I found the packaging to be very sturdy and my pen arrived in perfect condition. The pen itself works extremely well. I’ve had other pens get clogged but this one smokes really smoothly and quickly. The distillate inside was smooth and had a good taste as well. I would like to try the blueberry next time though! Through use of this pen, I also realized the bottom cap comes off and you can re-charge it. I haven’t needed to recharge it though and have been smoking it almost a month. You can also unscrew the gold tip and add other distillate to the pen. Excited to try more flavours.

  7. mariana (verified owner)

    I will always love this pen it is the best pen ever for people who dont know it can be just disposable or refillable by screwing off the top. I always get the distillate from here as well for around 20-35$ extremely cheap and long lasting

  8. ggre (verified owner)

    these pens are great. the strawberry and death bubba are both worth the premium

  9. burnt (verified owner)

    I just tried the Death Bubba Live Resin and WOW is it ever good. Will be buying more of these.

  10. dee (verified owner)

    Kings Kush was something that I ordered just because it was on sale. sure glad I did, its hard hitting and very smooth. I have ordered 2 more!

  11. dee (verified owner)

    I ordered death bubba LIVE RESIN which I had no idea that it was a little different than the regular diamond pens I use. I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth and strong it was! I would definitely ordered again…the only downfall is that there is quite a skunky smell when smoking for a vape.

  12. marinoz1211

    best vape pen ever. and I stand by it not only can it be disposable but you can also keep using it after it is finished the bottom cap comes off and you can recharge it and the top part also comes off allowing you to refill it with some of the oils they sell here. I have been doing this for quiet some time i love with this website

  13. d.a_v_i.s (verified owner)

    i grabbed the gelato and blueberry og, gelato tastes terrible and blueberry og tastes great. Both give me a decent buzz but both leave a scratchy/minor sore throat, these pens arent good at all because of that, i havent tried any of the live resin pens yet but i would suggest stay away from the other ones

  14. Harjit (verified owner)

    I agree the catatonic does have a ginny flavor and subtle high. Gelato is still my favorite the taste and the happy buzz

  15. mjgreens100

    this pen is amazing has great taste and lasts for ever all of the flavours are bomb truly and I just keep the pens when I’m done as I have discover they are intact reusable

  16. mjgreens100

    absolutely love this pen I have discovered that is reusable and have been using it non stop I just simply but the thc syringes and trust me you get an amazing high

  17. stephanie (verified owner)

    Kings kush is an anxiety killer. Very relaxing strain and smooth on the lungs. I think I found my new favorite pen. Keep these stocked please thanks HGA for the fast and reliable service

  18. stephanie (verified owner)

    Ordered the Gelato this time and I’m blown away by the taste and effects from this strain. Tastes just like ice cream, sweet treat.

  19. shawn (verified owner)

    Ordered Cannatonic 1:1 last and this time thought I’d give the blueberry OG a shot. 1-2 puffs before bed is all I need. 1 pen should last me a long while.

  20. stephanie (verified owner)

    Tried the Blueberry OG this time and I’m in love. Very good brand and price for a disposable and you can charge it so no wasted oil. I will have to try them all.

  21. anil (verified owner)

    Amazing pens best price out there and great customer service.
    My order arrives in 2 days from BC to Toronto which is the fastest i have ever recieved any package!!!
    Thanks HGA!!!

  22. kakylas (verified owner)

    Not normally a fan of disposables but I decided to try the gelato and I have nothing bad to say. Great fast, good high and sleek packaging and style.

  23. ggrewal2025 (verified owner)

    Sleek box
    1G of honey

    I got the king kush and it hits great. The king kush has a very subtle weed taste. Great high.

  24. Matthew

    Not normally a fan of this type of product, but was fairly pleased with mine (Blue Berry OG). Found it to be reliably consistent in terms of usage and application of dose from start to finish, and it lasted longer than other similarly advertised products (felt like it was actually 1g in there), and didn’t offend the respiratory tract as much as other disposables I’ve tried either. Not hugely potent, but a real nice pick me up on the go, or a quick dose of relief as needed

  25. shawn (verified owner)

    Ordered the 1;1 Cannatonic pen, was hard to find a pen with CBD and THC. Don’t need more than 2-3 puffs. Love using it before bed.

  26. vendrasco (verified owner)

    – bought blueberry OG: just received yesterday and I must say this pen is almost exactly the same make and model and the same taste and effects as the Tucan disposable- barely notice any effects, mind you I am a medical patient and not every product works the same for everyone. On to the next product..I had high hopes but was disappointed. On a positive note I love HGA’s customer support!

  27. rayhan774

    Was not a fan of disposable pens at 1st, but his is the 1st one i found to be long lasting, smooth from start to finish, and most importantly, get u fried from like 2 deep pulls, .

  28. anil_boo_8 (verified owner)

    Wow amazing prices and vape pens are amazing best site out there tjanks guys!!!!!!!!!

  29. stephaniem (verified owner)

    Got the strawberry northern lights, it’s really strong for a disposable, nice clouds and smooth on the lungs. 2 or 3 hits gets you where you need to be!

  30. dylvroom (verified owner)

    Good quality 1g thc distillate pens for the best prices I could find. Would definitely recommend! 5/5

  31. DG

    Just tried the Cannatonic, and it tastes like a Weedy-Gin and Tonic!! Nice 1:1 option while still gettin the job done.

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