Death Mint Cookies AAAA

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* Small – Medium Sized Buds
* Indica


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Death Mint Cookies **OUR TOP SELLER***
* Small – Medium Sized Buds
Death Mint Cookies is a combination between Death Star and Girl Scout Cookies.
Death Star is the potent cross of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel. It has a mixed taste that combines sweet, skunk, and fuel aromas into a very potent fragrance that isn’t easy to hide. This strain may not have the ability to destroy planets, but it does have quite the powerful buzz. Effects can be slow to onset, but once they do, Death Star takes away all cares and replaces them with a state of relaxed euphoria. Great for daytime or nighttime use.

Girl Scout Cookies is an OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid cross.

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Indica Dominant



Reviews (73)


  1. malamy (verified owner)

    It’s the best weed of I’ve NEVER HAD !! Awesome strain very gassy good taste !

  2. joshcan (verified owner)

    pleased with this strain and incredible value for the price. similar to the chocolate mousse but more of an even hybrid. similar gassy smell that comes through on the smoke. potency is strong. absolutely love it

  3. graphix (verified owner)

    Grabbed another on sale. Really like this strain, Great vapour .

  4. rob (verified owner)

    Great strain, well cured, caked buds. Smokes great. Tastes great

  5. The_Cob (verified owner)

    A little late on this review! Great strain. Nice and potent. Smokes beautifully and smells great. I cried a little inside when I smoked the last of it. Haha.

  6. jacob (verified owner)

    Insane quality for the price listed!! Definitely a true Quad. Might have some slightly smaller buds if purchasing the sale price, but does not take away from how awesome this strain is. Would purchase again in a heartbeat.

  7. evan (verified owner)

    a favorite of mine would recommend for anyone. Will knock you out

  8. kcoakley (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved this strain. What are you waiting for? grab some!!

  9. Thcsurrey (verified owner)

    The second batch of med smalls had bigger nugs than my first batch. Really enjoyed this strain and had to re up cos i couldn’t bare running out. HGA does not mess around

  10. psand (verified owner)

    2nd batch was just as good. Great bag appeal, terps, and high. Thank you HGA for this sale! 4.5/5

  11. psand (verified owner)

    1oz smalls. Amazing smell, freshly caked buds that are nice and potent. Good for anytime of the day imo, nice head and body stone that’s still functional. Good for increasing appetite and stress. Found it a bit harsh sometimes but the best deal I’ve gotten in a while. 4.5/5

  12. nylesspencer (verified owner)

    Again DMC does not let down!! So pungent and tasty!!
    This new sale batch is crazy sticky and pungent!! More then usual
    and bud size is larger!! This should be selling out fast.

  13. richard (verified owner)

    Whit Ash! Great Overall smoke! One of the best strains i have smoked in canada!

  14. johnnyfiv (verified owner)

    great smoke, clean burn and amazing taste. nice hybrid buzz. would buy again!

  15. richard (verified owner)

    This is one of my go to. You cannot go wrong with this heavy hitting indica

  16. Phil (verified owner)

    Smooth with great hybrid potency! Sweet gassy taste with a hint of mint. Burns white.

  17. kasey (verified owner)

    Grabbed a smalls bag then a regular, some of the best weed I’ve ever smoked, great taste smooth smoke and potent high. Highly recommend

  18. arsh (verified owner)

    One of the easiest smoking strains ive come across smooth smoke with white and grey ash. Bought a hp while it was going for 160. Highly recommended if you can get it on sale.

  19. daim (verified owner)

    Awsome pickup man I can’t express it enough how glad I am to score this deal. This is what true quads are suppose to be, everything that’s listed under the quads were checked off. This just started my day off right. Definitely getting some more especially at the sale price before it is all gone. Will be getting the next batch also if it is back in stock.

  20. graphixe (verified owner)

    Great product and service. Potent, fresh, great smell and taste.

  21. maxime (verified owner)

    Look so good, smell good, taste verry good ! I definitely recommend this strain ♡

  22. allen (verified owner)

    HGA coming through with a killer chron deal. This strain will be a regular in my rotation from now on. That smell and taste though….

  23. Phil (verified owner)

    HGA really hooking us up with this deal. Potent, long lasting effects for pain management & great for anytime of the day. True to its name, has a hint of mint with that sweet sweet gas! 10/10

  24. nyles (verified owner)

    Thank You HGA!! This is a wonderful strain!
    Potent and great taste, super sticky!
    Unique is right:)

  25. dbosko (verified owner)

    Heard alot about this stuff so had to pull the trigger to find out what all the hype was about.. Great tasting, smooth smoke, clean white ash burn throughout. Great smelling but not super potent on the nose. The high itself seemed to carry on for a good amount of time and it definitely has me motivated to bang out regular activities no problem! Would grab again 100%

  26. nathan (verified owner)

    feels like 60% Indica, It’s great for stress and doesn’t tire me out. Well grown, amazing value and quality.

  27. michaelg (verified owner)

    very nice indica hybrid, smooth and smells very unique, quality AAAA

  28. stevet (verified owner)

    Best deal going!!!! Very heavy hitting, great at evening to chill out and just leave your worries behind! Beautiful looking bugs, awesome taste, and what a price!

  29. Lee (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Clean burn and potent. I ordered it twice.

  30. natun (verified owner)

    There’s a lot of live for this strain at the moment, and probably for a good reason. My batch was a bit different. It really didn’t look, smell or feel like a true quad. My buds were small and I guess the word to use is stemmy. Not sure if I got the short end of the batch but I’m happy for those who enjoyed their order. Not looking to cause any problems but just giving an honest review.
    Buds were small to medium sized, kinda light and the smell was ok, buzz was alright.
    Again, just giving an honest review.

  31. richard (verified owner)

    the smoke was light, and a bit harsh for a quad.

  32. itsmeangela (verified owner)

    I’ve never smelled or tasted anything like this, you need to try it!! Really nice high. This is easily my new favorite strain <3

  33. rich (verified owner)

    My fav by far!! this flower is tasty and strong

  34. Muizz (verified owner)

    One of my favorite buds for sure !!
    Clean and smooth hit the buds were dense and sticky .

    Absolute must buy !

  35. Lee D (verified owner)

    5/5 this is potent flower. Nice taste and perfect burn!

  36. psandwel (verified owner)

    Probably the best pick up ive gotten in years. Great quality bud – moisture, cure, potency, terps, smooth smoke… its all there.

  37. jsmith (verified owner)

    unreal bag appeal , decent sized nugs with great bud structure . Potent but very smooth on the exhale , cured to perfection. Sticky icky and ash is snow white. One of my top 3 purchases of the year.

  38. dhali (verified owner)

    Pretty nice buds for the price! Smooth tasty and thick smoke! Nice evening smoke

  39. john (verified owner)

    ordered on a friends word, was not disappointed. heavy high and smooth as well, if you can get this on sale definitely don’t hesitate.

  40. david (verified owner)

    Ordered an oz of this, ordered a second one only a few days later. This was a new batch with a slightly different look, more purple hues than on the last batch but same amazing nose and taste. Really potent stuff, always a good oil ring when smoking my joint. I deem this my perfect strain as it is in every possible ways. Big thanks to HGA!

  41. rich (verified owner)

    This is a go o for sure! smooth an very tasty!!!

  42. akuma (verified owner)

    Yeah Love it, real nice. Quality, potent terpy, small nugs, gassy, smooth, heavy fkn hitter……..sleeping now 🛌

  43. robertq (verified owner)

    fragrant and smooth . thanks:)

  44. marme (verified owner)

    I’m not used to weed this good. WOW ! This stuff is good . Best weed I’ve ever had. Thanks sooooo much.

  45. mlavi (verified owner)

    So smooth and tasty.
    Clean smoke and perfect white ashes.
    I ll definitly order it again.

  46. Lucas (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains in awhile, really powerful with the nice cookies flavour 10/10 and great price.

  47. zelayaco (verified owner)

    My first time ordering from HGA and am quite amaze with this purchase. The buds are medium size. The smell is incredible. Burns so smooth and slow with white ash. The Potency of the bud is great.

  48. phlups (verified owner)

    As others have said, this is a tremendous deal at $140 – $160. Great bag appeal, strong nose and taste and a solid hybrid buzz for me. Would be hard pressed to find better product for less money. Well done HGA!

  49. arsh (verified owner)

    My first purchase with HGA and am quite satisfied. Nugs were very frosty and medium to small in size with no leaves. Clean smoke with light grey ash. Overall: bud is 7.5/10 value 10/10 (420 sale)

  50. he_got_juice (verified owner)

    Great bag appeal with a very unique taste and smell

  51. eli (verified owner)

    I usually go for the $100oz deals but seeing it was 420 I wanted to grab a quad and see the difference. Couldnt pass up on this deal from HGA which was still 50% off at the time. The bud was dank, sticky and still pretty potent. Taste – 9/10, Potency 9/10, Value 10/10!

  52. matt (verified owner)

    This strain is fire! Smells looks like greatness! Definitely would not recommend to anyone reading this review because I want it all to my self!

  53. mcree (verified owner)

    I picked this up for my first order with HGA with the 420 special they have on and WOW!! What a flower!! Visually its perfect with very little leaf, if any, crystal stacked in every crevice and a TIGHT bud structure. Just gorgeous bud! It has a sharp fuelly, pungent nose with a hint of sweetness. Amazing scent. Perfectly cured and burns a white ash with great flavor, very much like the nose, and potency to match. This is the best deal of 420 for me and I’m very happy I got in on it. I liked it so much I ordered another…lol. That’s rare. Get some folks, shes a BEAUTY!!!

  54. mazzara (verified owner)

    First time grabbing from HGA and honestly this is some true quads. Everyone on reddit seemed to love it. Cured to perfection. Got it on sale and it’s worth every penny at that price.

  55. G W (verified owner)

    It’s a STEAL for what they selling for it now! By far one of their TOP quads. The small nugs are quite potent but I recently got one with huge buds. Not sure if it’s just me but it was way more potent than the small nugs. I am a veteran smoker and I had to lay down after. Anyhow, the taste of this strain, hard to explain for me but it is smoooooth. HGA definitely knows what they’re doing when it comes to quality. Keep it up!

    Long time customer!

  56. matthew (verified owner)

    Great flavour, great buzz. Super uplifting and relaxing, with no major couch lock.

  57. mcree (verified owner)

    Amazing flower and the best deal of 420 at 140 an o. Sweet dough with sharp Fuel underones. Perfect hybrid effects that last. A really enjoyable flower. Thanks HGA!

  58. tom (verified owner)

    Really good deal for $140, great taste, smell, white ash and potency. No complaints at all for a $140 Oz!

  59. thecont (verified owner)

    Wow! High quality quads. Gassy smell and a real nice buzz. Nice and frosty as well. A+

  60. Phil (verified owner)

    Absolute fire! One of the best offerings and a great example of an HGA quad. I’d even rate this AAAA+.
    You really can’t go wrong with this deal. Only wish I ordered more.

  61. robert (verified owner)

    Great buds. Excellent nose and burn. Potent and relaxing high. A little too cerebral for me but my wife loves it. Never disappointed by HGA’s quads.

  62. m.coppola (verified owner)

    Just tried it today and I’m loving my purchase. Fresh, medium sized nugs that came with a boveda. Gassy dank indica smell. Translates nicely into flavor. Very nice potency. Glad I scooped this up

  63. wills (verified owner)

    This strain is really bomb, have had it a few times now and it gives a superb high, nice add to the cookie family

  64. david (verified owner)

    🔥🔥🔥🔥Absolutely loved it. Another winner by HGA. Without a shred of a doubt one of the top moms in the business. This flower was perfect. Pungent nose, great taste, greasy buds, loved it!!

  65. Phillip (verified owner)

    Decided to reup and take advantage of the recent sales and grab some of this.The below reviews on on point.In my opinion his stuff tastes good,smells good and is potent that I found good for the evening but on quarantine can smoke this all day ha!Props to whoever grew this.Top notch quality and service especially for the price.

  66. mariana

    This strain is so so good I live to smoke it before bed as it gives me the best sleeps

  67. fp (verified owner)

    OMG! Thank you HGA! Top notch MOM!

  68. rich (verified owner)

    I really love this strain. It smoke this before bed and it does the job every time.

  69. andrew (verified owner)

    Like many others this strain is definitely one of my favorite you carry. I’ll vape about a .2 .3 and the high lasts a long time, potent nugs. Nice and sticky and loud smelling, this was grown perfectly. Whoever grew this deserves mad props, I love it when HGA stocks these cookie strains, would love to see more!

  70. richard (verified owner)

    this is my favorite strain right now by far. smooth smoke. again, white ashes. super dank.

  71. ric (verified owner)

    Clean burn, whit ashes. This strain has great flavor and is super relaxing! highly recommend

  72. richard (verified owner)

    This strain was one of my favorites. It was a smooth, clean smoke with pungent smell. Has a cookie taste to it. Well grew. Grey/white ashes. Definitely recommend it!

  73. lglopez85 (verified owner)

    With this strain you can taste the mint cookies inhale and exhale, death star also shines through, perfect blend. The buzz is great for social gathering or relaxing, smokes strong with pure white ashes, my new favorite

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