Culture Rechargeable Disposable Pen

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  • Battery power – 75,550 Lithium Battery – 150 draws/pulls
  • Does not contain any PG, PEG or VG
  • No roll technology! It is an oval and won’t roll off the table
  • New rechargeable USB port (cable and USB wall charger not included)

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  • 400mg THC Distillate
  • Battery power – 75,550 Lithium Battery – 150 draws/pulls
  • Does not contain any PG, PEG or VG
  • No roll technology! It is an oval and won’t roll off the table
  • New rechargeable USB port (cable and USB wall charger not included)

Simplicity and the ability to use wherever, whenever. We saw the need for a product with accurate taste, that is discrete and aroma-free, and in its distinction, the Culture Pen was born. Culture pens are assembled in Vancouver BC, ensuring top quality.

Reviews (15)


  1. Sarah (verified owner)

    I ordered the Watermelon flavour vape pen. I was happy with how small and discreet the pen is. It fits in any pocket and you can barely see it if someone is holding it. It doesn’t roll if you set it on the table and it is rechargeable if needed. The flavour was a plus, and it also made it smell less potent – no one could tell I had smoked it. If you want a good quality, potent pen, for a great price then I would highly recommend this brand and ordering from HGA. Fast, reliable shipping, fair prices and great customer service is why I keep coming back!

  2. mariana

    Love these vapes only wish they lasted a tad longer

  3. marinoz1211

    great look to these pen and great taste

  4. matteo (verified owner)

    Great taste!

  5. neamo (verified owner)

    The blueberry culture pen tasted amazing. Very smooth on the throat and not harsh at all. I will definitely be trying out the other flavours. Very nice high as well.

  6. betty (verified owner)

    good but burns the lungs

  7. burntmoon_69 (verified owner)

    The Culture vape pens are the best that I have used. Great taste, very smooth and you can be very discrete as to where you might want to vape. 99% odorless.

  8. joleneb (verified owner)

    I was originally looking for the disposable pen brand Kurvana which is the same thing but an American version. Turns out i like the culture pens better. Plus they’re rechargeable and sold at a decent price. I got the mango and the raspberry which both taste phenomenal. They also get you very high. I will be ordering the rest of the flavors. Very excited to try the mint and the blueberry. Shipping was fast, ordering was easy.

  9. burntmoon_69 (verified owner)

    These Culture pens are the best. Smooth taste and very strong. Just what I need to get a good sleep. Very relaxing.

  10. trevq237 (verified owner)

    Bought another one
    Mmmm I love vapes
    This one death bubba was sent as a gift Mmm it was so good ,…got watermelon this time Always fast delivery I love it

  11. trevq237 (verified owner)

    This is my 2d time getting a vape.. always like to try all the flavours the raspberry is good hands downs fast delivery

  12. marianajay420 (verified owner)

    this pen was alright really liked the high just wish it would have lasted longer

  13. marianajay420 (verified owner)

    I have purchased this vape and it was alright didn’t really last I pundit went out quicker than I thought

  14. vendrasco (verified owner)

    Purchased a mango distillate pen from another site but their customer service and product packaging were no where close to HGA. The mango had an okay flavour and okay effects but I prefer taste of the mint. Pros- rechargeable, discreet, easy to store,
    Cons- mango didn’t have much effects for me, I hope HGA considers adding the culture 1:1 indica pen!
    Ps- my mint vape from June is still working well!

  15. vendrasco (verified owner)

    4 out of 5 stars for the mint thc distillate pen
    This was my first time trying this brand and and a pen with flavour
    Pros (in my opinion)
    – product design (oval so it doesn’t roll!), light weight and extremely slim ( looks much smaller in person)
    – taste! Leaves a refreshing mint taste in your mouth
    – easy to use, just inhale and that’s it!
    – rechargeable, so you get to use all of the oil, no wasting!
    – battery life, I use this daily, sometimes multiple times a day and I haven’t had to charge it yet (few weeks)
    – packaging was secure, especially the box by culture
    – I never thought I’d say this, but the beauty of the packaging and pen made me love it even before I purchased it! It really is aesthetically pleasing!
    – price point is great!
    – this product is literally a conversation starter! I’ve had many people ask about the pen,
    Cons. ( in my opinion)
    – does not specify if it is a sativa, Indica hybrid etc ( per culture website they list it as a hybrid)
    – product description on website explains other culture products but not these specific pens
    – perhaps I have a high tolerance, but this product hasn’t produced much of a “high”. The effects I get are similar to that of a CBD pen I have used. it helps my anxiety and PTSD but doesn’t leave me feeling high by any means.
    Don’t get me wrong, I still love this pen and look forward to trying their other pens including 1:1 pen and the sativa BHO

    Lastly, hga’s customer service was amazing and so are their prices! This was my first time ordering and have already placed a second order, now a third! I’ve already spread the word about hga to many friends and colleagues. I know it’s a lengthy review but I try to do as much research on a product before buying and couldn’t find much about this specific product so I wanted to be as descriptive as possible

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