Cookies Grower: Tuna Cookies AAAA


Cookies Grower Tuna Cookies is an Indica dominant strain providing a sense of mental and physical relaxation

**Bud Size: Medium – Small**


Earn up to 280 Points.

Cookies Grower Tuna Cookies is an Indica dominant strain. Tuna Cookies strain produces potent and powerful Indica leaning effects, described as providing a sense of mental and physical relaxation, with a psychotropic experience that leaves you in a sedative state. These buds are dark purple, covered in trichomes, and beautiful to admire.




Indica Dominant


  1. jay (verified owner)

    Ridiculous bag appeal,smell,sticky texture a must grab.No green whatsoever in this flower.Smooth with a grape taste.Wow outstanding stuff.

  2. sho (verified owner)

    a smell i can only describe as werther’s candy. absolute treat so smoke. this is what i look for in cookies grower. lovvvvvving this stuff

  3. Direweed (verified owner)

    The buzz is amazing, melts my face. Came in mostly medium to large size. so frosty

  4. Ridersfan421 (verified owner)

    Unfortunately for me my batch came bone dry 🙁 it came with two boveda packs also that came bone dry , unlike any bag I’ve ever got from hga ,but hga customer service made it right , I’m going to give it some time in the jar once I get some fresh boveda packs

  5. dinwall (verified owner)

    Smooth grape note strong herbal taste lovely strain 9/10

  6. ryan119922 (verified owner)

    A beautiful heavy hitting hybrid, awesome for daytime smoke.

  7. _yeahmaybe (verified owner)

    good stuff, weird as it was indica dom but like no come down or couch lock or anything. bought for night, ended up using it for day and not mad at all about that.

  8. roley91 (verified owner)

    Absolutely great strain. Surprisingly heavy Sativa effects brought on by a nice body high. The thing I liked about this was zero couch lock. Have been smoking animal face during the day for months but this may replace it. Only knock is slightly dark ash, but very smooth and interesting nose profile. Very subtle, meaty undertones that is a must try imo!

  9. azzyblack (verified owner)

    Fantastic flower. Gorgeous purple, covered in trichomes, this idica leaning hybrid is an absolute powerhouse. I’m having a ton of fun on this 🔥🔥🔥

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