Cookies Grower: Demon Breath AAAA


Cookies Grower Demon Breath is a special Indica dominant hybrid. Leaves you in a state of deep relaxation with powerful pain relief.

**Bud Size: Medium – Small**


Earn up to 240 Points.

Cookies Grower Demon Breath is a special Indica dominant hybrid. A strain that needs to be part of your cannabis experience. The initial high will be hit with a potent head high that leaves you motivated with waves of uplifting energy and focus. This soaring bliss is followed by a potent body buzz that lulls you into a state of deep relaxation with powerful pain relief. You’ll be left feeling a little bit lazy and couch-locked, but you’ll still be able to function if the situation calls.




Indica Dominant


  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    420 sale and wow this was the second strain I bought that day and this is a face melter. Its beautiful in every way CG on another level from what I’ve tried but don’t take my word for go get you some demon breath when u can.

  2. QuadHunter (verified owner)

    It’s great every time I get it. Super strong and very tasty. So well cured. Wow. One of my new favs.

  3. E6697 (verified owner)

    The flavor on this one is absolutely stunning, gassy, greasy smoke and potency is up there with DCM. A great strain overall and I would definitely pick up again.

  4. Direweed (verified owner)

    kushy and amazing cure need more

  5. manhas (verified owner)

    Wow. Pure evilness.

  6. tanner (verified owner)

    Blew past all my expectations, AAAA+ for sure! Super gassy, stinks like Kush, caked in trichomes, wicked colours & no trim required.

  7. _yeahmaybe (verified owner)

    def some of the best i’ve had from here. strong high, great taste, must try

  8. QuadHunter (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! The high is unreal. Face melting. True quad. It’s perfect,. Fuego.

  9. Direweed (verified owner)

    gas kushy exhale love it

  10. lekweeeh.12 (verified owner)

    Had to get again for the 4:20 sale, absolutely amazing never fails. Grab this while you can fams!

  11. Jeff (verified owner)

    This is a true quad. Super earthy sticky flavourful goodness. Nice clean taste and burn. I wish I bought more. You will too. I hope they keep this In stock. Props to cookies grower for another amazing strain. Straight fire!

  12. lekweeeh.12 (verified owner)

    If this is an indicator of how good CG buds will be my goodness. I want to try all of it. Absolute fire

  13. shoda (verified owner)

    fire fire. every puff makes my head sweaty, some top notch stuff here. praise CG

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