BUDDHA RSO Full Spectrum Syringe 1ml – THC or CBD ***20% OFF***

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A pure THC distillate containing approximately 97% THC.

Comes in a 1ml high quality glass syringe designed for maximum flavour retention, non-degrading (unlike plastic syringes) and can be warmed up for maximum product removal!


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Lab Tested, contains many cannabinoids, ingestable essential cannabis resin for fighting anti body agents. 53.25% CBD, 5.9% THC, 4.57% CBC .51% CBN, .55% THCV

Reviews (5)


  1. lotzca (verified owner)

    Good Product for pain!

  2. lejagal (verified owner)

    The display is for a clear concentrate, but it’s actually dark. I bought THC full spectrum. At first i was hesitant to try it due to color and density. I warmed/heated both the syringe and cartridge. That made the filling so easy. When i took the first puff it was awesome. The taste was so good, full of flavour and somehow delicious. I love the smell more than perfume. I’m glad I tried it, i will surely order it again. But you have to heat it constantly as the density is high and thickens fast, but definitely worth it.

  3. malamy (verified owner)

    Another good product by Hga ! Very effective for my back pain and stress love it !

  4. malamy (verified owner)

    Cbd Rso is very effective for pain and anxiety ! Thanks hga!

  5. mariana (verified owner)

    I loved this product by far the best syringe best high ever and very fast

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