Buddha Disposable Vape Pen

Buddha / Disposable Vape Pen – 50% OFF CLEARANCE

Death Bubba(I), Skywalker(I), Vanilla Kush (I), Vancity Diesel(S), Supersilver Lemon Haze(S), Chucky Cheese(I), Green Crack (H), Super Silver Lemon Haze (1:1), Halley’s Comet (1:1), Halley’s Comet (CBD), CWeb (CBD), Gorilla Glue (CBD), Blueberry (CBD) PineApple Express (Day CBD)

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Death Bubba(I), OG Skywalker(I), Vanilla Kush (I), Vancity Diesel(S), Supersilver Lemon Haze(S), Chucky Cheese(I), Green Crack (H), Super Silver Lemon Haze (1:1), Halley’s Comet (1:1), Halley’s Comet (CBD), CWeb (CBD), Gorilla Glue (CBD), Blueberry (CBD) PineApple Express (Day CBD)
(I) Indica THC
(S) Sativa THC
(1:1) 45%THC:50%CBD
(CBD) 40%CBD
95% THC
4% Terpenes
For relaxing/ sleep, pain relief, appetite, stress relief.


Anxiety, Appetite, Arthritis, Creative, Depression, Insomnia, Multiple Sclerosis, Nausea, Pain Relief, Productivity, Seizures, Stress/PTSD

Reviews (14)


  1. trev

    I got this as a gift
    I wasn’t expecting it to be any good, but I loved it. It last me couple days, when your in a public place and need your weed meds lol
    You can slip away and take a quick puff of this and get on with your day, good taste good smoke nice kinda strong on the throat but ok

  2. mariana

    Love them very long lasting and a great small gift for any occasion

  3. demetrios78 (verified owner)

    love these disposable vapes! Long lasting and smooooth

  4. shawn

    I received the Haley’s comet CBD pen and it has helped with my sleep significantly couple hits before bed and you wake up rested.

  5. ara

    I was happy to have received Banana Breeze with my order (thanks HGA!) and it has a really nice taste. The pen pulls very easily and gives me an immediate head buzz. I’ve hit it a few times but i’m trying to save it for a big concert (Nov 11 :)…it’s really tough not to want to hit it in the meantime tho lol.

  6. stephanie (verified owner)

    Ordered the vanilla kush. Good effects for a disposable pen. Convenient for on the go discreet medication

  7. jadkia

    Received a death bubba as a sample with my order. Pleasantly surprised with this vape. Good way to keep you going while running errands without carrying the smell of bud around with you!!

  8. vendrasco (verified owner)

    Reordered the vanilla mush and love it it very much helps with pain and sleep, highly reccomend

  9. burntmoon_69 (verified owner)

    A very smooth vape. Taste is very good and effects immediate. Good for relaxing or sleeping.

  10. rayhan774

    The pen is really nice and sleek, But after geting a few, i prefer the non DISPOSABLE pens, as i feel you get more options and save more money in the log run.

  11. vendrasco

    Edit July 18 comment & death bubba review.
    My vanilla kush pen only worked for 2 2 days vs my previous pen lasted 3 weeks!) I I contacted HGA and their customer service was stellar as usual. they offered death bubba pen instead as they were out of vanilla kush. I must say, the effects were not as potent as my vanilla kush ironically as vanilla kush is only 90% thc vs breath bubba at 95%. The taste of death bubba pen is not for me, it’s so off putting it tastes like an ashtray to me so I don’t enjoy using it, but am grateful HGA did their best to replace it. I’ve heard good things about the sky walker pen, but I’ll stick to my vanilla kush if they get it in again, may just have to try the cartridge as opposed to disposable.

  12. vendrasco

    My first time purchasing this pen, second time using and it’s. 4/5 again! If rechargeable 5/5 perfect to help me sleep and stay asleep, tastes great considering purchasing their vape cartridge!

  13. vendrasco

    Just to update my review, this product worked almost three weeks to the day I wish they were rechargeable!

  14. vendrasco

    4/5 stars
    The vanilla kush is a dream. Pros- effects are a true indica, I use it before bed and finally sleep through the night. Delicious taste, protective case it comes in, Design is slim and labelled with strain info. Knocks out my pain due to endometriosis, which in turn lifts my mood. This pen has truly changed my life, highly recommend!
    Cons- not rechargeable, price is a bit high, cant Believe I couldn’t find the link to buy this in my last order !

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