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Bubba Budder

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Budder is a highly concentrated cannabis extract with a creamy, buttery consistency. It is also sometimes called crumble or cake batter.
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Budder is a highly concentrated cannabis extract with a creamy, buttery consistency. It is also sometimes called crumble or cake batter. The consistency is comparable to a soft wax and is more forgiving to work with than shatter. Budder can be vaped, dabbed, twaxed (inside the joint or blunt), smoked, or used in edibles. Make sure to activate the wax prior to combining with your oil or butter. If you’re not sure whether to pledge your allegiance to sauce or to shatter, budder is a solid middle ground.

1g each

Strains info


White Rhino is an indica dominant  (70% Indica / 30% Sativa). With THC reaching 20% and CBD 1%

White Rhino is a hybrid of White Widow and an unknown North American indica strain, creating a bushy and stout plant. The buds give off a strong and heady high. The plant's parentage hails from Afghanistan, Brazil, and India. White Rhino is one of the best types of marijuana for medicinal use since it has such a high THC content.


Appetite, Depression, Insomnia, Pain Relief, Seizures, Stress/PTSD, Relaxation

Reviews (3)


  1. kevin (verified owner)

    Not the prettiest looking budder, but don’t let that fool you. It smokes good, tastes good, and like someone else mentioned it actually sticks on your dabber, no need to heat it up or anything.

  2. irish.1803 (verified owner)

    Good stuff, crumbly consistency but still sticky enough to get on your dabber. Sufficient potency, had a nice sedating effect but still allowed me to get some stuff done around the house. Tasted hashy, almost a bit like chocolate too. Super fast shipping!

  3. Jeremy

    Bubba budder
    Smell: 8/10
    Smells so much like kief!
    Taste: 7/10
    Rich and herby, but no super obvious terp flavours. Really good smoke, though!
    Look: 9/10
    Almost grey(?!?) Really weird. Looks like it came from the moon back when it was still made of cheese.
    Potency: 9/10
    Happy days! This took my chronic pain for a long walk while I rested.

    Overall: 33/40
    I’m so glad every time I find marijuana that relieves my pain. Not all the strains or types of concentrates do, but this does.

    You really can’t put a price on relief. 🙂

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