BC Vapes 1 Gram Honey Oil Full Spectrum Cartridges

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AVD (or CCell) cartridges with 510 threading. Filled with over 1 full gram of high quality distillate.


Earn up to 55 Points.


Juicy Fruit – 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Purple Dream –  50% Indica / 50% Sativa

Quantum Kush – 90% Sativa

Super Silver Haze – Sativa

Tuna Kush – Indica

Skunk #1 – Indica

Mango Kush – 65% Indica/35% Sativa

Chernobyl – 80% Sativa/20% Indica

Rockstar – Indica


Reviews (18)


  1. shafia (verified owner)

    This one was awesome. So clean and you feel the effects, immediately. I’ve already referred many of my friends.

  2. joeyt (verified owner)

    Juicy Fruit – 6/5 – Dead on, once again! Skunky, earthy aroma, exactly what you’d expect!

  3. joeyt (verified owner)

    Chernobyl – 6/5 – The taste is earthy and skunky, perfect! Hits hard, and once again, like I said about the Tuna Kush, SO incredibly well made!

  4. davidl (verified owner)

    I got the Mango Kush and Purple sour diesel. Both have very good taste. I’ll say that, like distillate, the honey oil will definitely have its base taste and the different strains will have minor subtleties which will separate them. The Mango definitely had a little sweetness to it while the Psd really had a little gas/diesel taste to it. The taste lingers and is quite delicious. After a couple a hits you can really feel it kick in so the potency is certainly there. I usually have my distillate for day time while working and then after work I’ll enjoy my flower, but I think the honey oil will replace my distillate for day time/convenience usage. Really beautiful oil and some tasty stuff too. Top notch service frOM HGA as usual!

  5. thesch (verified owner)

    Got the Zkittles….I really liked this one..had a real nice flavor. I’ve bought alot of vape carts now and these have a smooth hit with real nice flavor. Will definitely be buying more.

  6. rache (verified owner)

    Got Chernobyl- tastes like nice citrusy weed, kind of like tangerine dream. Felt the effects quicker and stronger compared to when I tried the thc distillate version. Cant wait to try new flavour next time

  7. joeyt (verified owner)

    Tuna Kush – Incredibly well made! This is what I’ve been looking for! Can’t wait to try the others.

    (To other reviewers: Remember to include the strain in your post)

  8. bindon (verified owner)

    Your review *purple sour deisel real nice like these guys very much, hard to pick the right ones kinda wish they had the description of each ( the back shot of package)… would make decisions easier…maybe

  9. jot (verified owner)

    I received my purple sour diesel and tuna kush today. I tried only the tuna kush so far and wow it hits you right away. This cart is the way to go. It does have a weed taste to it still but smooth hits. I will be buying these again.

  10. mari

    I get a great high off of it smooth feel like on a cloud

  11. steph (verified owner)

    Tried the purple sour diesel this time and I love the taste of this honey oil. Calming effects instantly after a small puff. 5/5

  12. maria

    My boyfriend recently tried this products and he loves it absolutely amazing always best way to end the night

  13. kal (verified owner)

    I’ve had the space dawg and nebula and have super happy. A great rounded high, I always order one with whatever else I’m getting. Super long lasting and amazing flavour profiles

  14. detrios (verified owner)

    These honey oils take the trophy for hit and natural weed flavors

  15. stephanie (verified owner)

    Space Dawg is a heavy indica high, nice earthy taste, thick clouds using my avd clone battery. 4/5

  16. Kali R (verified owner)

    Cherry Bomb – Actual hints of cherry flavour on the draw; nice, natural, non-chemical taste. This is followed by a powerful mental and body high that comes on almost instantly and hits heavy and fast. All it took was one hit for a great feeling that lasted a long time as well

  17. doran (verified owner)

    Real terps! One of the nicer carts I’ve tried

  18. dcdreher (verified owner)

    Probably my favorite flavour so far, hard hitting like all bc vapes flavours with a strong weed flavour

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