Baked Rx Cannabis Extract Oil – THC in MCT Oil

Baked RX Cannabis Extract Oil – THC IN MCT OIL

  • THC 25mg Capsules – 20 each bottle
  • THC 100mg Capsules – 20 each bottle

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Baked RX Cannabis Extract Oil – THC IN MCT OIL

  • THC 25mg Capsules – 20 each bottle
  • THC 50mg Capsules – 20 each bottle 
  • THC 100mg Capsules – 20 each bottle

These are the quintessential THC extract capsules. Made from a full-profile cannabis extract oil, these THC caps are known for countless positive effects on the body and mind. Examples include relief from anxiety, depression, glaucoma, asthma, liver disease, and side effects of cancer and cancer treatments. These caps are infused into MCT oil, with added lecithin maximizes the bio-absorption of the THC molecules into the bloodstream. Lab-tested by MB Labs.

Despite the low measured dosage, these caps are extremely effective for their potency! Strongly recommended for both new and experienced patients, but remember – start low, go slow!

Administer as needed every 4-6 hours.

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Reviews (5)


  1. deegray0876 (verified owner)

    I’m a big fan of the 100mg caps for daytime, I also use it in conjunction with the high dose thc Mary’s medibles tincture

  2. Daniele (verified owner)

    I got 25 and 50 mils i found that if you smoke also when taking these you dont feel the rightness untill morning sleep great though

  3. rayhan774

    Another way to get high discreetly

  4. natalie p.

    These are fantastic to use on a daily basis but like the other customer Matthew M stated, it’s not very cost effective unfortunately.

  5. Matthew M

    Nice to have the higher dosages and these ready made capsules, which from Baked are always quality. However as a daily medical user of cannabis it isn’t cost effective to use this type of product and unfortunately I have to stick with RSO and fumble to make my own capsules to save on cost longer term. Hopefully the price of medicinal THC and CBD capsules come down eventually, since it is nice to have some ready made medicine good to go.

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