Active ReLeaf 400mg – 2000mg CBD Tincture


CBD Tincture

  • formulated from the whole cannabis plant
  • added all natural C8+C10 Oil which is a source of powerful medium-chain fatty acids
  • keep the body and mind at peak performance.
  • 30 mL Tincture with 400mg – 2000mg CBD

“1:1 is great! Got rid of migraine within the hour…Would recommend for those looking for pain and mood relief.” –tyleen

“Perfect for getting your daily dose of CBD & helps a lot with anxiety & PTSD.” –natalie


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Our Tinctures are specially formulated to help provide you with a faster acting pain relief. When we compare it to our 30 MG capsules, the longevity for pain relief has been said to be less, compared to the capsules. These results are based on some of our customer’s feedback; however, results may vary. 

Some of the health benefits from taking the Tincture or the 30 MG capsules in small doses daily may help with anxiety, headaches/migraines, sleep deprivation and inflammation to name a few. 

The markings located on the glass-dropper inside the Tincture provides you with an accurate micro-dose every time. Based on customer feedback we recommend taking – 0.50 ML twice daily (Once in the AM, once in the PM). Please do not combine it with other vitamins, medication and/or supplements including food. This will help increase the absorption rate in our bodies. 

This is a recommended guideline from what has worked with some of our loyal customers. What works for some might not work for others. Results may vary 

The most effective way to take your Tincture micro-dose is under your tongue, holding the tincture liquid for 20 seconds without swallowing. This will help maximize the absorption rate, allowing the oil to work to it’s maximum potential. 

Our all-natural ingredients selected are proven very effective. Our whole hemp plant extract oil is combined with MCT oil which is the coconut derived medium chain fatty acid with several other health benefits. The only other added ingredient is a natural food grade flavouring – Spearmint or Tropical. The Natural flavour tincture means no added food grade flavouring, meaning it has only our whole hemp plant extract and MCT oil. 

These products are naturally derived to potentially alleviate symptoms or can also be used as a daily supplement. 

If you are on other medications, please consult with your Physician before taking them with our Tinctures. 

All products have been third-party lab tested by Canvas Labs. All show no pesticides, no fungus, no heavy metals and no THC was present after our manufacturing process is complete. 

***All our internal products need about 4-6 weeks to settle in our body to achieve maximum results***


  • Whole cannabis plant extract (THC) (CBD)

  • MCT Oil 

  • Spearmint / Tropical/ Natural flavouring 

Suggested Usage:

  • Take 1-2 droppers every 3-4 hours, drop under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds for maximum relief. 13mg per dropper. Consult a physician for appropriate dosing

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  1. tyleen (verified owner)

    1:1 is great! Got rid of migraine within the hour, gives a good feeling overall. Would recommend for those looking for pain and mood relief. Flavour is also fine as well

  2. nataliekp (verified owner)

    Love the flavour of the tropical tinctures!! Perfect for getting your daily dose of CBD & helps a lot with anxiety & PTSD.

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