Active Releaf Mini Stick


This new formula is 60% more CBD and has different essential oils to help even more so with reduction of inflammation, scaring and bruising. With the addition of Arnica, Wintergreen, and Eucalyptus with these new essential oils combining together to have great synergetic properties with the CBD you find to have the combination you need to help with your pain and ailments


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Our long lasting and convenient ReLeaf Stick may aid those who need a quick, effective relief from muscle or joint pain. For those who experience arthritic symptoms, our ReLeaf stick may help to reduce some of these symptoms. Based on our customer feedback, the results from applying the ReLeaf stick have been very positive to date. 

Our unique blend of all-natural ingredients has been scientifically formulated to help relieve pain naturally and aid in reducing inflammation. Some of our customers who experience pain as a result of muscle or joint inflammation, headaches/migraines (when applied to temple area), gout, arthritis or menstrual cramps have provided us with positive feedback post application. 

How to Use 

Apply liberally on the affected area, as needed. You may experience a cooling sensation on the area shortly after application. The length of time of relief varies from person to person. It should generally provide pain relief for up to a maximum of four to six hours. 


  1. laura (verified owner)

    Doesn’t help well with my chronic inflammation pain. It does seem to work well for muscle pain.

  2. dac (verified owner)

    I absolutely swear by these CBD sticks!! I purchased a bunch of these little ones to take on the road with me, travelling and just on my every day ventures. I am nursing an injured rotator cuff and this balm brings me a nice, cooling, relieving sensation. The CBD topical line by Releaf is AMAZING, I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to achieve consistent pain relief. Please keep making this product, 5/5 stars!

  3. Ro

    Ok so this isnt bad at all. You can smell the other oils and has a very good smell. It does help with my lower back pain, and the cooling sensation is definitely there. Didnt have to apply it the second time. Will def use this again for lower back pain, much better than I had anticipated.

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