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– All strains are small/popcorn

Disclaimer: Very minor leaves or stem in some bags







  1. G W (verified owner)

    The master kush is awesome smoke. Can’t say too much more Loving the daily, wknd, flash, etc specials. My wallet thanks you HGA!

  2. Philippe (verified owner)

    Got another oz of Peanut Butter Breath smalls oz to make edibles with great medicating results. Potent indica body stone with a cerebral stone perfect for late afternoons/evenings. Great product at a great price!

  3. matt (verified owner)

    Got rockstar 👎🏻 Dmc dcm 99$ oz 🔥🔥🔥 uber pleased wish that deal was all the time !!!

  4. Philippe (verified owner)

    First time trying the Peanut Butter Breath and after a few days in the jar with bovedas, it burns much better with a very terpy experience! Grassy and gassy indica leaning stone. 10/10 Ordered another Oz.

  5. matt (verified owner)

    Holy crap not litterally . Got rockstar meh cheap weed for cheap but death chocolate mousse and death mint cookies on the other hand nothing wrong with those at all . Hope they still pop up with some of these . Steal of a deal

  6. cjg (verified owner)

    Death Chocolate Mousse – just as potent as normal buds. Knockout, heavy indica for 99! These dime-sized nuggets were leafy, and stemmy so I think these were priced to sell. However, great value if you love potent indicas for cheap. 5/5 purchase!

  7. va3oso (verified owner)

    Got the Hindu Kush smalls. Smells a bit like chlorophyll and no noticeable terpenes. Whoever grew this didn’t do it right. High is light which I like, but it just doesn’t taste and smell like it should.

  8. kenneth (verified owner)

    the purple tuna was very dry and had almost no nose still a decent smoke. the bubba was very nice and a great value , slightly dry but not near as bad as the purple tuna.

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