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C-Cell cartridges with 510 threading. Filled with over 1 full gram of high quality distillate.


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C-Cell cartridges with 510 threading. Filled with over 1 full gram of high quality distillate.
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THC: 98.02%

CBD: 1.04%

Type: Distillate
Additives: None
Size: 1 ml/1 gram
Element: Ceramic
Thread: 510
Durability: High (metal and glass)
Tip: Ceramic


Anxiety, Appetite, Arthritis, Creative, Depression, Insomnia, Multiple Sclerosis, Nausea, Pain Relief, Productivity, Seizures, Stress/PTSD

Reviews (67)

67 reviews for BC Vapes 1 Gram Cartridges

  1. bryan (verified owner)

    I’ve tried GSC…Northern Lights…AC/DC (cbd) and Gorilla Glue amongst others! 1 gram bc carts are by FAR my fav and they hit smooth…no fillers…no PG no PVG no MCT…cart doesn’t get all gunked up over time. Quality product. Have recommended to others!

  2. Steven (verified owner)

    so glad a friend suggested that i try these carts..was loyal to another great brand and was doubtful that anything could be better.
    Wow was i surprised these are the BEST!
    Strong hits and great vapour clouds.
    Have enjoyed the GDP (indica) and the Tangie (sativa)
    both are awesome and will be trying the others too
    use with Ccell battery and its a friggin dancer!

  3. Asal (verified owner)

    I tried the banana Kush and it seems to be an indica dominant hybrid but you can still get stuff done. Best bang for your buck for a 1ml tank.

  4. rayhan774 (verified owner)

    Just tried White Fire.
    Love IT.
    All the flavors are good, but I find the indices to be strong and makes me feel lazy. Not ideal for when you need to be productive.

  5. joleneb (verified owner)

    Pretty big fan of the BC Vapes. I’ve tried a few different kinds. This time I got the strawana. It tastes great and it’s a nice high. These carts last longer and taste better than a lot of What’s out there. Very pleased and will be purchasing again.

  6. Valentyne (verified owner)

    Sundae driver -very rephreshing and smooth flavor. Doesnt make me cough like others.

  7. kakylas (verified owner)

    Finally got my hands on the Northern Lights strain. It seems to always be sold out. Was happy with the high. Taste wasn’t bad either. Perfect for sleep

  8. kakylas (verified owner)

    Z skittles was not bad but not my favourite flavour profile. Great product though and love the amount you get for your buck!

  9. kakylas (verified owner)

    Strawnana has a great taste and a good high! I’ll be purchasing again

  10. monu (verified owner)

    My first time trying Northern Lights was a great experience. I only needed a couple hits to get high. Northern Lights has an earthy tone and when inhaling you can taste the pine feelings. I would buy again.

  11. seif (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck! Totally worth it.

  12. rnm (verified owner)

    I have tried about 5 different vape tips and these are my favourite!
    Alaskan Thunder is amazing and great for day time.

  13. lucas (verified owner)

    These are worth every penny!! Potent, and just as advertised. 5 ⭐️

  14. 8ballmjg (verified owner)

    Best cartridges for the money

  15. behringc1 (verified owner)

    I have a very high tolerance and I love this stuff. I’ve tried a few different cartridges but this is the best. I use it with a Zen tanks battery and it works very well.

  16. bmw335d (verified owner)

    Just received the master kush pretty sweet

  17. codymars100 (verified owner)

    Taysty I think the granddaddy purple is kinda like earl gray tea and it has a really heavy effect and the super lemon haze tasted forsure lemony but kinda like the way garden carrots smell….. very good

  18. maryjaywanna (verified owner)

    I bought three carts on my first order. Death Bubba (tastes so good! Like a cappucino or something like that!) and 2 Ultimate Trainwreck… doesn’t have a lot of flavour for me but it packs a punch let me tell you. I am a daily user for pain and have a high tolerance. These carts are amazing! I am very happy with my purchases. I would recommend any of these BC Vapes carts and I would definitely order again from HGA. The service was friendly and fast and I am a happy customer. These guys are legit! I got something extra on my first order also, which is never expected but always appreciated! 😉

  19. Valentyne (verified owner)

    Trainwreck -i liked the flavor and the high was mild and good for daytime use.

  20. brokengamezone (verified owner)

    I usually smoked the Clear Lords disposable pens but this stuff is on another level first hit was like 20-30 hits off my last pen I don’t usually get couch locked but you will with this stuff (Death Bubba) I can’t wait to order other flavors 10/10!

  21. wal.zar (verified owner)

    This was the first I’ve ordered from HGA. Not the best I’ve tried but still really good. The “Xskittles” I found was stronger and had a nicer flavour. Still very yummy and effective. Relaxes my tired back.

  22. GOLDG (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck 💥 I have ordered multiple times and alway get atleast 1 sativa and 1 indica

  23. farhan (verified owner)

    Very good value for 1G vape cartridge, quality is good too.

  24. monu.r112 (verified owner)

    My first time ordering vape cartridges on this site and i just have to say the amount of variety is awesome. I ordered the Gelato, and it was just as advertised, it got me ripped, felt smooth and not harsh and tasted a bit citrusy.

  25. rayhan774 (verified owner)

    Best cartridges on the market. I have tried a lot of different brands and flavors, but all the BC vape categorized have been amazing. I have tried just about every flavor, each one is a bit different in taste, but all of them do the Job. it was relaxing and
    a discreet way to smoke

  26. crocker (verified owner)

    I am going to have to add to my last comment, Death Bubba should be called Hubba Bubba. The smoke tastes like candy- just wonderful!

  27. dowotyalike (verified owner)

    Durban Poison did not disappoint – taste hint of pine with a sweetness. Very smooth, lulling you into enjoying several more pulls and then creeps nice, and steady and a very gradual decent the perfect plateau cruise.

  28. crocker (verified owner)

    Death Bubba doing wonders for my anxiety, easy to vape and overall lovely strain.

  29. crocker (verified owner)

    Northern Lights vaped very light, but the turpentines (which gets you high) made me sneeze a bit. Going to try out another heavy Indica.

  30. w_1st (verified owner)

    Love it! It’s the best vape I have had so far!

  31. todd1976 (verified owner)

    Super glue is a Indica, And packs a punch! Would recommend to experienced smokers.

  32. tashawn h (verified owner)

    Just got the Alaskan Thunder and boy oh boy fire emoji. Really great stuff. I’d recommend this strain for any looking for some quality stuff.

  33. tashawn h (verified owner)

    Ordered this on my first order and was glad that I chose this one. Great quality stuff each time and I’ve mad few orders now. Had to recommend this to at least 5 different people who have placed orders. Great packaging too!

  34. townsendrobbie (verified owner)

    Great product! BC Vapes is one of the favourite cartridge company’s. The product is great quality. The cartridges have not never leaked ore clogged for me. The selection of flavours is amazing plus the information breakdown on the packaging is a nice touch ✌🏽😋👍🏽

  35. Deadliftnow (verified owner)

    Great product, long lasting as I only take small hits and i’m buzzed for the evening. So sleek and tasty!

  36. jott66 (verified owner)

    Cherry pie is potent and hits hard. The taste is alright nothing too crazy. Overall great product

  37. todd1976 (verified owner)

    Strawnanna is very potent and delicious. I highly recommend!

  38. koidhis19 (verified owner)

    Love these, I have tried them all and these are my favourite I’ll continue to purchase for sure

  39. stephaniem (verified owner)

    Got the orange cookies last order and it was bomb! Lasted me longer since its a 1g cart. Good effects overall

  40. seif.a


  41. w_1st (verified owner)

    highly recommend BC vapes! I’ve switched from flowers to vapes since last year! And HGA provided outstanding customer service and incredible prices compared to any other sites!

  42. chummey_ (verified owner)

    Ive been looking for this site for a long time great quality awesome price work really well

  43. mathieu (verified owner)

    10/10. Really love this product,the best i have try so far

  44. julien.l (verified owner)

    Got myself a couple of these. Does the job. Taste is good

  45. kakylas (verified owner)

    These are my go to’s! Best vape cartridges they sell! Tried all of them and these are the best bang for your buck. Potent, good selection of flavours and they don’t try to cut corners and not fill the cartridge fully. Very happy with this product. Has never come faulty and I have used it for more than a year now. My favourite strain is “God Bud”

  46. ronacse (verified owner)

    Purchased dosi dos, super lemon haze, Northern lights, and tangie. On SLH in the mornings and afternoons, while dosi Dos at night; so far i’m not disappointed. SLH gives you a bit of energy while dosi do lets you sleep. At least for me. Definitely worth a try. Will order again. Cool beans.

  47. marmahlahde (verified owner)

    I ordered Northern lights and zkittles and I am absolutely in love! Arrived super fast, packed extremely well, and they even threw in two samples for me to try! Way better than any cartridge I have ordered before. Both have very distinctly sweet tastes to them, while northern lights has a little bit of pine but it’s very nice, not like an air freshener lol both with a very clean taste as well, no harsh chemical taste or burnt taste like I have gotten from carts sold by different sites, and miles above cotton wick, I don’t even understand why people put their products in those anymore! An outstanding product and website, I think I have found my perfect fit😜definitely buying again!

  48. rayhan774 (verified owner)

    Best cartridges I have ever tried,

  49. rayhan774 (verified owner)

    Best cartridges I have ever tried, Every flavor is get you ripped.

  50. rayhan774 (verified owner)

    Best brand of cartridges I have ever tried, Every flavor is get you ripped.

  51. brucej (verified owner)

    Best cartridges I have ever tried. Bigger and stronger than others out there

  52. samialex1000 (verified owner)

    So strong. Amazing

  53. g.ortuoste (verified owner)

    By far the best bang for the buck and more. Jack Herer and Durban poison is well recommended

  54. ryevol (verified owner)

    First time using this brand and I have nothing bad to say! The oil is thick and clear. The taste is natural. Great quality cartridges!!

  55. angelique (verified owner)

    Amazing product! I ordered the Alaskan Thunder and with only a quick few puffs you can immediately feel the effects. It lasts long and I do smoke often! Currently about to re-order. 🙂

  56. angelique (verified owner)

    I had ordered the Alaskan Thunder and it was really good ! I agree with the other reviews in which you just need a quick few puffs to feel the effects ! Currently about to repurchase and try different flavors 🙂

  57. kevin (verified owner)

    The Grand daddy purp might be the tastiest thing I’ve ever smoked in my life, and it has great potency. I am recommending these carts to everyone.

  58. lucas.w (verified owner)

    These tops rock! They are pretty potent and they last a decent amount. Will definitely consider purchasing these again if my other current favourite isn’t in stock.

  59. hdtvnow2 (verified owner)

    These cartridges are amazing, they last long, hit hard and taste amazing. There’s a flavor and type for your everyday needs………

  60. jpihura (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many different tips. This one gives the best “bang for buck”. Great flavours and no waste due to clogging. I’ll be back!

  61. steve.o2 (verified owner)

    Grabbed ATF and NL and they were both fantastic. Great potency and flavour. No fake flavour to them at all. Nice clean smooth smoke. Oil is super thick and clean. Definitely one of the best Canadian capes we have tried and we have tried a lot. Can not wait to try out all the flavours from this company.

  62. missdaigneault (verified owner)

    I’ve bought the Northern Lights and I am very satisfied. It is strong, but does the job! 2-3 puffs only and I am good for a bit! I will definitly buy again. The size is perfect!

  63. Jason H (verified owner)

    Northern Lights…Great taste, good potency, has me coughing like a madman but the effects are worth it. Some very, very clogging every now and again with the cartridge, but a quick strong draw cleared it right up. Will be ordering these again. great for when ya need a quick pick-me-up.

  64. chrono6687 (verified owner)

    Just recently tried this one out. I have nothing bad to say about it. They are very powerful and overfilled will order from again thanks

  65. hicalls2 (verified owner)

    Thunder fuck. Very potent. 2 puffs and I’m coughing like it’s my first time. Love it

  66. m.coppola316 (verified owner)

    Got Northern Lights and Girl Scout Cookies and I’m impressed with how potent these are. I have tried a few different brands and I’m liking these!! My only comment is that the girl scout tastes nothing like girl scout but still does it job!

  67. wildecka (verified owner)

    Wow just wow. Bought the Thunder fuck one and it is amazing. Just got it today and have been hitting it and so smooth. Two puffs 3 seconds each puff and I had a head buzz. So far I am impressed. Get this with the Ccell Palm, you will be impressed with the size and simplicity.

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