Our carefully chosen selection of flowers is here to meet your every need: whether you’re looking for a mellow evening at home or an energizing night out with friends. When deciding which flower is the right one for you, you can choose based on SATIVA, INDICA, HYBRID, or QUAD AAAA strains. You can also choose based on medicinal properties each flower has. Sativas such as White Fire OG, Blackberry Breath; Maui Tai, Romulan or Pink Champagne will help you feel more euphoric, happy, uplifted, creative and energetic. They are perfect for day-time consumption. Sativas’ healing properties help fight stress/ PTSD, depression, pain, fatigue, and inflammation. Indica strain flowers such as Watermelon, Orange Aid, Cookies and Cream, Grimace OG or Facemelt provide a more chilled and relaxing experience. Depending on the specific product, our choice of Indicas can provide long-lasting relief for patients treating symptoms throughout the day. When needed, high doses can induce an early night’s sleep. With Hybrid strains, the high helps to balance your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you need to be uplifted or relaxed, our House Hybrid will give you just what you need, and leave your wallet happy too. The strain rotates periodically. Meaning, it may be a little different with every order, but we promise it’ll always be something that toots your horn, rocks your boat, and shivers your timbers. Remember, what you get, is what you get, but judge no book by its cover; our House Strains are potent and powerful. Quad A’s (AAAA) give you the best of the best. Platinum Bubba or Rockstar can help you cope with anxiety, while Alien Bubba and Blackberry Breath can help you deal with pain more efficiently, High Grade Aid also offers a selection of pre-rolled joints, ready-made for your enjoyment!


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